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Deadpool Movie – First official picture of Ryan Reynolds in costume

28 March 2015
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A first official promo picture of Deadpool, the upcoming live-action superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds, has been released online, take a look below:

Deadpool Movie Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Deadpool is really trying to seduce us, isn’t he? Lol! Well, I love him already: one can’t resist to his witty charm!

Anyway, do you approve Deadpool’s costume?

The film is directed by Tim Miller. It will hit hit theaters on February 12, 2016.

Deadpool Movie in 2016

21 September 2014
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The Deadpool movie that was announced a few years ago fell in development in limbos. But the project is now back on the front burner and there’s even a release date! Yep, the film is now set to hit theaters on February 12, 2016.

Unfortunately they’re going to tame down the language of the merc with a mouth… From what I heard they’re indeed aiming at a PG-13 rating… Understandably 20th Century Fox wants to reach a large public. But don’t worry: a PG-13 rating, depending on the team behind the film, is no real hindrance to produce an edgy movie.

Deadpool Movie Trailer

Anyway, check out this earlier test footage, it was done using motion capture with Actor Ryan Reynolds: Continue Reading »

Deadpool Short Film (Test Footage)

28 July 2014

Deadpool Live Action MovieA short film created back in 2011 to try to convince studio execs to develop a Deadpool movie has leaked online, watch it below thanks to Dailymotion:

Deadpool Movie Trailer

Deadpool – Test footage

This footage is pure awesomeness, but somehow it failed to convince… The project is in limbo… Too bad because the video is really good! Really wish this project would move forward, and with Ryan Reynolds please!

Do you like this test footage? Would you want to see a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds?

Update – Co-writer Rhett Reese shared a behind-the-scenes picture on Twitter, it features Actor Ryan Reynolds in a black Mo-Cap outfit:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Behind the scenes at the #Deadpool test. Ryan Reynolds wearing his black pants:

Deadpool Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick

6 January 2010
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Deadpool ScreenplayDeadScriptwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been hired by Fox to draft the script of the spin-off Deadpool movie.

Deadpool hires Zombieland Screenwriters

A quite good choice I think: we can be sure that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick won’t ignore the tongue-in-cheek side of Deadpool! They did show some great humor in Zombieland, let’s hope that Fox won’t restrain their creativity!

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who played the role of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in Wolverine will reprise his role. He’s currently busy working on the Green Lantern movie, so because of that, there is no official release date yet for the movie Deadpool.

Deadpool Live Action

18 October 2009
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Deadpool Live Action MovieProducer Lauren Shuler Donner has been talking about the upcoming live action Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. She’s bringing some good new for the hard-core fans of the mutant mercenary: the movie Deadpool is a kind of reboot that won’t take the last Wolverine movie into account. Here’s what she said about



“I want to ignore the version of Deadpool that we saw in Wolverine and just start over again. Reboot it. Because this guy talks, obviously, and to muzzle him would be insane. He is a bad ass, a wise-cracking mercenary, who will go out and kill anyone for money. It’s going to be a dark, snarky, very funny movie.
[… and about Ryan Reynolds:] I mean, look at Harrison Ford – he was in Star Wars and Indiana Jones at the same time and everyone was fine with that. Green Lantern could not be more different to Wade Wilson. Green Lantern is a guy who finds a ring and is thrust into this world, much like Spider-Man. Wade Wilson is a guy who unfortunately gets cancer, and volunteers for a test that will give him healing powers.”
X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner

So Deadpool will be a dark, snarky, very funny movie: well that’s tantalizing! Hope she will keep her word about this Deadpool movie and that it will be as witty as the comic books!

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

1 June 2009
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DeadpoolRyan Reynolds just confirmed that he will indeed reprise his role as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the spin-off Deadpool movie FOX is planning to release in 2012/2013.

Here’s what Ryan Reynolds recently said about the film:

Deadpool Movie

“Look, I’m into any role in which I get to kick Captain America in the nuts. [..]
Yeah, the script is in the works. That’s about all I can really say. They’re actively hashing it out.[…]
Well, I’m intimately involved with it. We’re just trying to break a story right now and figure out who the villain is going to be and all that stuff. But, it’s going to be just like the comic books. I’m gonna have a messed up face and you may see some flashbacks of Wade earlier in his life, but primarily what you see is what you get in the comics and that’s the goal. And there is no better place to draw material from than the comics which are incredible.”
Actor Ryan Reynolds

Good to know they keep the funny side of Deadpool in mind: I laugh out loud after reading about Captain America’s nuts!

I wonder if Scott Adkins will be back too as stunt double. Hope so, because I can’t imagine Ryan Reynolds training enough in just 3 years…

Deadpool Movie

7 April 2009

You probably know by now that the Wolverine movie besides centering on the origins of Logan aka Wolverine is actually introducing us to other mutants especially Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Deadpool Spin-off Live Action Movie

Deadpool has quite a large following among comic book fans. And the super mutant is likely to get his own movie in a not-so-distant future. The word is that Marvel is definitely thinking about it.
Ryan Reynolds will probably reprise his role as Wade Wilson / Deadpool, unless he is eventually replaced by stuntman and actor Scot Adkins who was hired to replace Reynolds in the fight scenes.

My name is Wade Wilson. I’m a mercenary. And I love what I do!

Deadpool is a crazy mercenary: he is maybe a bit of a villain, but he isn’t evil, he is just cynical and crazy. An explosive combination that makes his character so interesting.

This hypothetical Deapool movie has no script yet though. So what do you think a Deadpool movie should be about? Should the story pick up right after the events described in Wolverine?


28 March 2009
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Deadpool Live Action MovieDeadpool
Directed by ?
Starring Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins ?
Release date: TBA 2013 ?

More information at: Deadpool Trailer


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