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Indiana Jones 5

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Shia Labeouf Indiana Jones 5

24 August 2010

Update – January 1, 2016 – Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger told Bloomberg that an Indiana Jones 5 movie is definitely coming. That said But I doubt it will star Shia Labeouf… It will either focus on Harrison Ford or on some new actor.

Indiana Jones 5 MovieA small update about Indiana Jones 5:

Indiana Jones 5 Trailer

“They’re script writing [Indiana Jones 5] right now. I got called into Steven’s office and he pitched a little bit to me and it sounds crazy, it sounds really cool.”
Actor Shia Labeouf

Crazy like Indiana Jones having to deal again with aliens and flying saucers? Or crazy like a hell of a movie?

Indiana Jones 5 Movie

16 June 2009
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Indiana Jones 5 MovieLooks like a fifth Indiana Jones movie is being planned. Actor Shia Labeouf hinted at Indiana Jones 5 during an interview given to the BBC (here):

“Steven Spielberg just said that he cracked the story on it before I left and I think they’re gearing that up.”
Actor Shia Labeouf

More at: Indiana Jones 5 Movie Trailer

I suppose that this Indiana Jones 5 movie would focus more on Shia Labeouf, the previous movie clearly made him the legitimate heir to Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones 5

14 June 2009
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Indiana Jones 5 MovieIndiana Jones 5
aka Indy 5
Genre: Action/Adventure
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Shia Labeouf, Harrison Ford
Release Date: 2012 ?

More information at: Indiana Jones 5 Trailer


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