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The Purge 2 Movie Trailer

Take a look to the first official poster of The Purge 2 aka The Purge Anarchy, the upcoming thriller horror movie sequel written and directed by James DeMonaco and starring Zack Gilford, Michael K. Williams, Kiele Sanchez, Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, and Zoe Borde:


An American tradition!

“The New Founders of America invite you to celebrate your annual right to Purge!
This time around you’ll get to witness the action from the lower rungs of the social ladder.”

And here’s the film trailer:


Well this sequel to The Purge isn’t what I was hoping for (a direct sequel or a prequel), but it doesn’t look that bad. Actually it even looks quite interesting, yep, sign me up for The Purge 2!

Just thinking, since America already has Thanksgiving, they should have call the purge Hategiving or maybe Deathgiving instead… LoL!

The release date of the Purge 2 Anarchy is set to June 20, 2014.

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One Response sur “The Purge 2 Movie Trailer”

  1. hailey alton

    About to see it hope it is as good as it looks.I didnt see the first one so I dont know if ill understand it as well as the people who have seen the first one.I dont know we’ll see I guess

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