5 New Pictures of Max Steel

Five new pictures of Max Steel, the upcoming action superhero movie starring Ben Winchell in the titular role, have been released online:

Max Steel Movie Trailer

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“A teen learns to harness his unusual power with the help of a mysterious creature.”

And a teaser poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

What do you think of Max Steel’s suit? Share your thoughts below, especially if you’re fan of the animated series!

The film is directed by Stewart Hendler based on a script by Christopher Yost.

3 Responses - “5 New Pictures of Max Steel”

  1. Rob Dalby

    Looks amazing.

  2. Almin Agic

    It looks awesome. I bet it will be even more awesome than The Avengers! :)

  3. jennifer smith

    The pic above of the suit looks ridiculous. Bubbly rubber? Where’s Steel? The shape in his chest looks like a curved hose. I really hope this is just a bad pic on my cheap phonem I don’t want to admit how old I am but I’m a huge fan of he animated series and an so excited about the movie!!

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