Book of Eli Movie cast

Book of Eli Behind The ScenesLet’s learn more about the characters of the Book of Eli, upcoming sci-fi movie starring Denzel Washington:

Book of Eli Cast

Denzel Washington - Book of EliDenzel Wahsington as Eli: a lone hero in an apocalyptic future who must fight across America to bring society the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption.

He’s got a book and a samurai sword!

Mila Kunis - Book of EliMila Kunis as Solara: she is caught in a terrible trap: local strongman Carnegie can force her to do anything he wants by threatening her mother. Ordered to seduce Eli and keep him off guard, Solara fails in her mission, and soon realizes that Eli is like no man she has ever met: he balks at being reduced to animalistic behavior, and he uses violence to serve a cause greater than his own. Moved by Eli’s heart and spirit, Solara opts to follow him on his journey, and becomes his friend and pupil…

Gary Oldman - Book of EliGary Oldman as Carnegie: a ruthless yet charismatic dictator in charge of a town near Sacramento. A smooth talker, decisive and ruthless, Carnegie is on a collision course with Eli…
Jennifer Beals - Book of EliJennifer Beals as Claudia: she is Carnegie’s mistress and Solara’s (MILA KUNIS) mother, a blind woman who has been sightless since birth.
Ray Stevenson - Book of EliRay Stevenson (?) as Redrige: a thin-faced, violent man, Redridge is Carnegie’s muscle, the leader of his crew of gunmen and enforcers.
unknown as Martz: the leader of a quartet of biker marauders, Martz is a thief, a rapist and a killer, a predator who rides the roads, looking for hapless victims to rob and waste. An illiterate flunky of Carnegie’s, he knows that Carnegie will pay top dollar for a certain Book, so he brings in every book he can find. Stupid enough to confront Eli, Martz watches in horror as his men are sliced to bits samurai-style — and when he doubles down his folly by trying to hit Eli from behind, he’s swiftly killed.

unknown as Hoyt: Redridgeā€™s bull-necked second-in-command, Hoyt foolishly tries to buck Carnegieā€™s orders once too often, and is shot to death for his insolenceā€¦

unknown as George: a man who looks like the old man in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” George seems to be a bizarrely sweet old coot living on the outskirts of a ruined town with his wife, Martha. A little too normal to be truly sane, George is actually a survivalist with a cache of weapons — while still maintaining the conventions of middle-class suburbia. Willing to have Eli and Solara in for tea and ladyfingers, George explodes into violent action when Carnegie’s forces attack…

unknown as Martha: George’s wife, sweet and seemingly dainty, with her gray hair tied into a neat bun, she looks like the old woman in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.” She lives with George in their well-kept house on the outskirts of a ruined town, and has no qualms about using their weapons cache to defend herself…

unknown as Professor Lombard: An older man, professorial and academic, wise, intense, and tough-minded, he is the librarian of sorts, a keeper of lost history, who ends up helping Eli in his quest…

The cast seems well selected: quite easy to imagine each of them in their respective roles in the Book of Eli.

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  1. Iszaham

    I didn’t know Ray Stevenson was on this movie.
    He is really a great actor, his performance in Punisher was amazing. He can act very well.

    and Mila Kunis, she is so beautiful…

    my favorite actor is Gary Oldman!

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