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Coraline and her other mother who's got buttoneyes - Coraline Movie

Some mislead person has found clever to ask for key code to get access to what’s in the official site of the movie Coraline, upcoming movie directed by Henry Selick and based on a novel by Neil Gaiman.


I was kind of pissed because I didn’t have those damned key codes for, but fortunately Sarah Dope (–> here) got some key codes taht allow to see some videos and other goodies on the official site (–>here) of the movie Coraline. here they are:

Coraline Key Code

stopmotion : the biggest smallest movie ever made, Coraline

buttoneyes : let’s meet the cast of Coraline

moustachio : art of stop motion applied to a man’s mustache in a short film

armpithair : hair style is nothing random in Coraline

puppetlove : Director henry Selick speaks about hi love for puppets!

sweaterxxs : a featurette showing how the clothes worn by the puppets were made

otherworld : a code that lead to the main menu of Coraline’s site

If by any chance you find new codes, please share them with us!

Judging from those behind the scenes clips of Coraline available once the key codes entered Henry Selick has been doing a hell of a job with the movie Coraline!

3 Responses - “ Key Codes”

  1. Coralinemoviechick

    Coraline{the book, game,and movie!}is the most collest thing in the world. here is a secret between you and me only, ………. last night, i got a glass of water and sawa a tiny little door. Heeeee hawhaw

    I went into the tiny door, and was in a parallel universe. i had another mom and dad. and another katie! {my friend} it was so cool. it was way better than my real home!

  2. Coralinemoviechick

    Coraline rocks dude! I was rotfl! lol haha! ttyl sk8rs!

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