Deadpool Short Film (Test Footage)

Deadpool Live Action MovieA short film created back in 2011 to try to convince studio execs to develop a Deadpool movie has leaked online, watch it below thanks to Dailymotion:

Deadpool Movie Trailer

Deadpool – Test footage

This footage is pure awesomeness, but somehow it failed to convince… The project is in limbo… Too bad because the video is really good! Really wish this project would move forward, and with Ryan Reynolds please!

Do you like this test footage? Would you want to see a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds?

Update – Co-writer Rhett Reese shared a behind-the-scenes picture on Twitter, it features Actor Ryan Reynolds in a black Mo-Cap outfit:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Behind the scenes at the #Deadpool test. Ryan Reynolds wearing his black pants:

2 Responses - “Deadpool Short Film (Test Footage)”

  1. David

    Yes please do this movie……this sneak peek was done PERFECTLY!!!!

  2. Jessica

    Definitely needs to make the movie.:-D

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