Empire of the Sharks Movie

Just a few pictures from the set of Empire of the Sharks, the upcoming sharky action science-fiction movie written and directed by Mark Atkins for The Asylum and starring John Savage, Jonathan Pienaar, Tauriq Jenkins, and Tshamano Sebe:

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Empire Of The Sharks Movie

Plot synopsis:
“In the future, most of Earth is covered by water. The only land left is controlled by a lone warlord and his army of ever-vigilant, hyper-intelligent sharks. The humans are forced to pay tribute to the warlord, and the unlucky ones are caged up and kept as food for the shark army. But when two friends risk their lives to rescue a trapped prisoner, those imprisoned decide to rise against their captor and his legion of bloodthirsty sharks.”

Sharksploitation is a real thing at The Asylum, isn’t it? Anyway, bring it on!

The release date is set to:
– TV premiere on August 5, 2017
– on VOD and DVD on September 5, 2017.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Empire of the Sharks.

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