Gran Torino Movie Trailer

Gran Torino Clint Eastwood

The movie trailer of Gran Torino is finally available. Clint Eastwood is really great as Walt Kowalski, the old angry Korean war veteran.

Gran Torino Official Trailer

Gran Torino Trailer

I bet this movie will reignite the interest for Gran Torino cars, especially for the 1972 version.

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  1. steve

    LONG LIVE THE ’72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the movie looks good too

  2. Hotel Chef

    Clint, as only Clint can be!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking like another red carpet performance.
    Anyone know about the other actors playing along side the Great One?

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Hi Chef!

    The Asian actors (Hmongs actually) are mostly newcomers, picked up through local casting.

    But the two lead actors along Clint Eastwood are Bee Vang and Ahney Her:

    Tao and Sue
    (Bee Vang and Ahney Her)

    Plus the gang:

    Gran Torino – Asian Gang

  4. delbert

    movie looks really good! can’t wait to see it

  5. Hayley

    YAY!! A movie that has my beloved ’72 in it. =]

    I own one. ^.^

  6. Bill

    Interesting…Kowalski as lead character and we all know what Kowalski did for the Dodge Challenger???

  7. Teaser Trailer

    Hi Bill,

    Until your ‘mysterious’ hint I didn’t know about the 1971 movie Vanishing Point! :)

    For other readers:
    Vanishing Point is a 1971 movie about a guy called Kowalski who works for a car delivery service, and who has to deliver a 1970 Dodge Challenger from Colorado to San Fransisco, California. The trailer of Vanishing Point:

    I bet Clint Eastwood did not chose the name of Kowalsky randomly indeed. Shall see if he will ignite his own new craze around the Ford Gran Torino.

    And Bill, thank you for pointing to this reference!

  8. Ron

    The asian population is called the ‘Hmong’ which is a close relative to my wife’s ethnicity, the ‘Mien’.

    The depiction of the Hmong culture is right on target. So much, that many of the scenes brought back some dark memories of when she was growing up here in the Bay Area.

    Watch this one. It is a good one. Not an action movie, but a great drama.

  9. zac

    My company did some of the buid work on the white Honda used by the gang members in the film. It was a pleasure to work with the film company.

  10. Sami

    Have been looking forward to seeing this movie for over a month. But it is not playing in zip code area 29526. Does anyone know why?

    Love Eastwood and love that he is still a vital man to be reckoned with. It says a lot for our aging generation.

  11. Teaser Trailer

    The release of Gran torino is still in a limited release but it should get wide on January 9. If lucky you’ll get it in you local theater by then.

  12. James

    I saw this movie and it was really good! 10 out of 10!

  13. chantil

    I seen this movie on Jan 1st. Great movie.

  14. Arlene E. Culpepper & Mark A. Hebert, Sr.

    This movie is, without a doubt, one of the best we have ever seen. I cannot say enough about this movie. Not only was Clint Eastwood amazing, but the actors who portrayed the brother and sister were incredible. This movie deserves 5 Stars and many honors. Terrific social commentary at a time when innocent people are being slaughtered and violated by criminals. Excellent.

  15. sal

    I just saw the movie and it was a very good movie;it brought back many memories of my older brother who had the same kind of Torino. He did’nt mind opening her up and feeling the wind run through the back window while I was in the back seat strapped in the seatbelt for dear life! They say history repeats itself now bring back the Torino!

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