Hachiko A Dog's Story Behind The Scenes

Hachiko is an Akita dog. - Hachiko A Dog's StoryThanks to CNN we may have a look to the behind the scenes of Hachiko A Dog’s Story, an upcoming family drama movie starring Richard Gere:

Hachiko Movie Featurette

Hachiko Behind The Scenes Clip
(Filming of Hachiko took place in Rhodes Island.)

The movie Hachiko it’s the tale of a long-life devotion of a dog to its owner, it is based on a true story that took place in Japan not so long ago.

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  1. Keeterdog

    This is NOT the dog for everyone. Please visit the Akita Club of America website for more information if you think this may be a dog your interested in. With Akita ownership there comes much responsibility. They are large powerful dogs who may not get along with other animals.

  2. Hot Dog

    What a lovely dog! If those akitas are as annoying as you two describe then it will be the perfect gift for my mother in law’s birthday!
    She won’t guess the evil trick I’m plotting and will fall into the doggy trap! muhahha!

  3. Anne

    Can’t wait to see this film! I love the story of Hachiko! A friend had an Akita, and they are large, strong and very independent animals. Very king-of-the-hill attitude. You need to be firm to handle these guys. Hopefully this film will bring positive attention to all animal related issues!

  4. Christine

    Akita’s are smart, strong and beautiful. Healthy also. The breed was “bred up” from the most ancient of the Japanese dogs, the Shiba Inu, which is a 20 lb dog more or less. The puppy shown with Gere is a shiba puppy, not an Akita. The Akita is a good watch dog, but it was bred for things that are done with muscle and aggression, which means the largest and most aggressive of the litters can be a handful. On the otherhand, a shiba is manageable, smart, funny, beautiful and healthy. I recommend a shiba over an Akita.

  5. Corve DaCosta

    love this movie

  6. DoneN Dusted

    Can you please tell me in English the words told to Hachiko by Cari-Hiroyuki Tagawa
    outside the train station where he met up with Hachiko after Richard Gere(the owner) had died.

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