Judge Dredd Movie Concept Art

As you may know there is a new Judge Dredd movie ahead. We don’t know yet if it is a remake,a sequel or a reboot. But concept arts of the new Judge Dredd have shown up online via Io9:

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

JUDGE DREDDMega City by night - Judge Dredd MovieRiot Judges - Judge Dredd

Well it seems the new team is decided to fix a few things that weren’t that great with Stallone’s Judge Dredd: like the outfit for example! I think the new Judge Dredd will be closer to the original source material. A real dark sci-fi tale of a bleak future in which most people have been left in the rut of technological progress.

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  1. Jon Roberson

    I have another suggestion for the roll as the new Dredd. Sasha Mitchell, this guy starred in the movie Kickboxer 1, 2 and 3. He also played as Cody in the comedy sitcom “Step by Step.” He has the look and voice for the role, but can he pull it off? Seeing Sasha Mitchell playing Judge Dredd would be very very interesting!

  2. Amy

    I am for one am very excited for this film. I am a huge fan of Karl Urban and I only recently started to read Judge Dredd. I absolutely love it, the story and idea of those judges were really cool, and when I was told they already made a movie I admittedly went on a search and watched it only to be very disappointed. I actually remembered watching that film as a child and never was interested in it before. I never liked Stallone movies that much.

    I do hope the best for this movie and is quite curious who they will cast for the other characters. As long as Rob Schneider stays the hell away from this film, I will be quite happy.

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