Knights of the Round Table King Arthur Movie

Director Guy Ritchie shared this picture from the set of Knights of the Round Table King Arthur, the upcoming adventure fantasy movie he’s helming for Warner Bros:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

“The bold new story introduces a streetwise young Arthur who runs the back alleys of Londonium with his gang, unaware of the life he was born for until he grasps hold of the sword Excalibur—and with it, his future. Instantly challenged by the power of Excalibur, Arthur is forced to make some hard choices. Throwing in with the Resistance and a mysterious young woman named Guinevere, he must learn to master the sword, face down his demons and unite the people to defeat the tyrant Vortigern, who stole his crown and murdered his parents, and become King.”

You may recognize Actor Charlie Hunnam as Arthur and Director Guy Ritchie.

I wish Charlie Hunnam would focus on piloting his Jaeger (yep am referring to his giant robot from Pacific Rim) instead of toying around with a small sword (take that Excalibur!). But well, since Guy Ritchie is involved, I guess it will be an entertaining movie.

The release date of Knights of the Round Table King Arthur is set to July 22, 2016.

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