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Teaser Trailer

Working on a movie release schedule, to keep you updated about what’s in theaters right now or what movies are waiting in the wings for the months head.

You may already check it at:

Movie Release Date Schedule

I hope you hoovered your mouse cursor on the movie titles on the schedule page. Aren’t those tooltip windows nicely geek?

Let’s say that the page is still in beta. Will work on it later and try to improve the ugly template.

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Teaser Trailer Movie Chat

Teaser-Trailer.comJust added a nice chat widget to Teaser-Trailer.com. So, whenever you want to talk about about movies, cinema or whatever you want, no need to register, just start to chat:

This post will fall out of the main page soon, but you will be able to chat longer at:

Movie Chat


Hope to chat with you soon!

Indiana Jones 4 Trailer

The first trailer of Indiana Jones 4, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, has been released today!

Hurry up to have a look to Indy 4 trailer:

Indiana Jones 4 First Official Trailer

Fortunately this great gift from Georges Lucas and Steven Spielberg will counterbalance the pushed-back release of Star Trek.

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