Neil Marshall Centurion

Centurion Movie - Behind The ScenesTake a look to this featurette showing the behind the scenes of Centurion, an upcoming movie written and directed by Neil Marshall:

Centurion Clip Behind The Scenes

The costumes we may see in this clip of Centurion are really well done: they look quite authentic. But don’t expect the movie to teach you History:

“It’s not meant to be historically perfect. I’m picking up on a legend and exploring it… it’s an action thriller.”

Director Neil Marshall

I don’t mind as long as Neil Marshall tries to focus on the plot of Centurion instead of raw action like in Doomsday.

3 Responses - “Neil Marshall Centurion”

  1. Michael

    Looking forward to this film, thanks!

    Is the photo above from ‘Centurion’ or something else?

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Yes it is:

    You may check more pics from the movie set of Centurion at:

    –>Centurion Movie

  3. Scorepio

    I have a good feeling about this one.