New Moon Movie Trailer

Twilight New MoonTwilight fans, not sure you should hurry to buy the DVD of Twilight in March 2009, because in May, the first teaser trailer of New Moon will be on the Twilight Blu-Ray Disc!

New Moon Teaser

Yep, take a look to the disc features:

Twilight Blu-ray Disc features:

  • Presented in widescreen format only
  • Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson
  • Muse music video: “Super Massive Black Hole”
  • Paramore music video: “Decode”
  • Linkin Park music video: “Leave Out All the Rest”
  • Five extended scenes with director introductions
  • Five deleted scenes with director introductions
  • Seven-part documentary: “The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen”
  • Comic-Con “fandom” piece
  • Comic-Con NY sizzle reel
  • Three trailers
  • Penelope trailer
  • BD Live with New Moon teaser

The Blu-Ray of Twilight is already on pre-order on Amazon:

I bet they’re going to run out of stock very fast: no fan would miss the first movie trailer of New Moon!

Update: Here below the first movie trailer of New Moon:

I love it!

24 Responses - “New Moon Movie Trailer”

  1. Tasha

    I cant believe the twilight movie wont be out till november i was homin git will be at least not as long as summer! but loved the movie and all four books even though i read them im going to buy all four and of the movies!

  2. Stephanie

    Where is the New Moon preview?

  3. Kami

    I really hope that New Moon includes more detail from the books. Twilight was missing so much from the book.

  4. chantellehayleyzoehannah

    we love twilight
    we love new moon
    we love eclipse
    we love breaking dawn
    and the new movie should be named new moon
    i love edward cullen
    im marrying him yous are all welcom to come to the wedding.

  5. ami

    i love the twilight series

    I love the series you’ll love them so much you can bite into them.

  6. Ardeth

    Loved the books!
    But the movie not so much. I guess I’m just not liking Hardwicke’s style. I hope Weitz does a lot better, so I’m excited to see the first New Moon teaser trailer!
    Twilight rocks! :D

  7. Samila

    I’m so crazy in Twilight series.
    I love the book… and also movied, it make me more fell in love with Edward and Bella .
    In Thailand doesn’t has Braking Dawn.
    I’m looking to see New Moon Trailer movie in Thailand..that’s my dream now.

    Twilight !! u drive me crazy!!! :P

  8. Jackie

    Ok so in watching twilight i know the vast majority loved the movie. I also know that many who watched the movie did not actually read the books. So, for a movie I thought it was relatively good. However, in comparison to the book the director managed to distort some of the most important sections of the book. For example, the meadow scene in the book is this basically the climax of Bella and Edward’s romantic life. Edward is ultimately sharing his last “secret” with Bella and he is very unsure of himself. in the movie however, Edward shows Bella what happened to him in the sun in an attempt to scare her away and it is not romantic at all the meadow scene is almost non-existent and in destroying that scene it ruined the whole movie for me. I am happy they changed directors for I hope that he will stick closer to the story and although i know not all the scenes will be in the actual movie I hope the one they do decide to show correspond more closely with the story. So good luck Chris!

  9. Colleen

    I love the books! The movie was okay. After reading the books I felt the story in the movie was all wrong. I felt like I was getting glimpses and a false story line. My boyfriend saw Twilight on DVD with me. He has not read the books. During the movie he asked me all kinds of questions. The movie left him confused and wanting to know more. Having read the books I filled him in on the first movie, trying not to go into the next book. If I hadn’t read the books fisrt I think the movie would have confused me as well. I think Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings have a better story line to their movies. Twilights movie just didn’t quite make it to that level. The Twilight books story lines are fantastic. Of course I want to see the Twilight movies, but overall the books are BETTER…..

  10. Dixie Handley

    I think robert and kristen did a very good job. I’m the sexiest man alive and im playing the best vampire roll. Don’t criticize the movie or the books. You either like it or you don’t.

  11. Florence Rodrigez

    Edward doesn’t bathe he goes days without changing his clothes. That’s TRIFLING!

  12. jhenelen

    ^ nah. rob do take a bath. its just that paparazzi is looking holes for rob now because he’s actually kickin butt nowadays.

    ugh. im so yearning for the trailer. :)
    i love em all. :)

  13. cat

    I saw the movie knowing NOTHING about the books. I’d never even seen a trailer, I knew only that it was about a vampire. I did not have any problem following or enjoying the movie, but it did make me want to read the books, which I have now done. The first time I read Twilight, I thought they did a poor job with the movie, but now having read Twilight, three times, I’ve decided that most of the changes made the movie better.

  14. ashley embry

    Kristin and Robert did an excellent job! actually they are kind of what i pictured in the book… close enough… and Alice is so cute: I love her! she is like one of my favorites! and yall did and excellent job on Rosalie. oh but i do have one thing to add: the movie was GREAT! and i’m sure they will all be! but i do wish you would put a little more details into it… like the part were they’re doing the blood thing in biology… that whole part was awesome! well hope you liked my comment! – ashley

  15. lor

    to be perfectly honest i didn’t get in to the twilight hype like everyone around me seemed to. i just wasn’t interested. my husband rented the movie one night in hopes to brighten my spirits (death in the family) i watched it, as so as it was over the first thing i said was “let’s go to wal-mart” he asked why. i told him i had to read the book. 24 hours later i had finished twilight. Ok i admit it I’ve been “bitten” by the twilight bug. i’m dying to go get new moon. maybe i should get the last 3 so i’ll have some to read tomorrow. as for the movie i was so disappointed after reading the book so many things don’t match up with the book. but still i loved it! to tell the truth edward could bite me anytime!

    happy twilighting!!!

  16. lor

    first edward rocks!
    second twilight rocks !
    third i am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him!

    ok all of the cullens!

  17. kikala

    ok, so did anyone buy the blu ray dvd and IS there a New Moon teaser on there? I’ve been waiting since yesterday for someone to post it on youtube but no luck yet… I’m starting to think it wasn’t even on there!!

  18. bar

    me too! i’ve been waiting so long for this blu ray dvd to come out because of the new moon teaser. but i can’t buy the dvd in my country : ( so i was hoping someone who bought it would upload the teaser…

  19. elisa

    does anybody know something new for the new moon trailer?

  20. CryCry

    No there is no teaser! Big waste of $80!

  21. brandi

    i love twilight i have read all the books 12 times. i enjoyed the movie but i think they left to much out and put in things that didn’t make it as good as the book.

  22. Innah Calimbahin

    This is a lie. I have ordered it from amazon but there is NO New Moon teaser and I am truly disappointed because it’s the only reason why I bought the blu ray and it’s not even there

  23. bri

    ugh how do these people know if Rob bathes or not…? STALKERS! Freaks, maybe he should just live his life, or is it just me :/