New Moon Pictures

New Moon Picture - twilight 2 PictureThanks to Entertainment Weekly we may take a look to the first official pictures of New Moon, aka Twilight 2. This movie sequel to Twilight is directed by Chris Weitz and of course Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back, respectively as Bella and Edward. Taylor Lautner also managed to stay in the cast (he loves Jacob’s wig according to the rumor).

New Moon Trailer

So go buy your EW edition and meanwhile enjoy below those New Moon pictures:

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Bella and Edward kissing - Twilight New MoonBella (Kristen Stewart) and Laurent the Vampire (Edi Gathegi) - New Mon Movie
Chris Weitz explains a scene to Kristen Stewart - New Moon Wolf Pack - Twilight 2

Those are great New Moon pictures. Poor Bella is going to miss Edward so much in New Moon that she will imagine him being everywhere. I pity Jacob a bit, he can’t compete for the love of Bella: Edward is definitely outranking him!

Here some more pictures from the set of new Moon in Italy:

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Hope to get more New Moon pictures soon!

5 Responses - “New Moon Pictures”

  1. Camille

    The movie Eclipse looks like it is being directed by someone who knows nothing about women. I could be wrong… but it is more than just vampires, comprende?

  2. Me

    i’m so obsessed with the twilight saga i mean i think about it all the time i hope the movie is as good as the book… by the way these new Moon pics are good!

  3. Brianna

    I am sooo glad it is almost all about jacob this time

  4. cameron

    I love the movie Twilight and i’m going to love the movie New Moon. I hope there’s going to be MORE.

  5. maddie

    i love the movie twlight. it is so great. Bella and Edward are my favorite members in twlight. James is a good actor too.Cant wait ’til New moon comes out.

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