Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie

A promo poster of Percy Jackson 2 Sea of Monsters, the sequel to “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, has shown up online:

Percy Jackson 2 Sea of Monsters Trailer

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“The son of Poseidon and his friends head into the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece.”

And two pictures from the set

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The film is directed by Thor Freudenthal. The release date of Percy Jackson 2 is set for August 16, 2013.

20 Responses - “Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie”

  1. Alex Ramirez

    Is there going to be Clarisse in it?

  2. Sydney

    OK, is it just me or does the kids playing Tyson SO NOT look like a cyclops? I mean come on!! Are they ever going to get these movies right?! The books are supremely awesome and they are redusing them to Twilight of the Greek persuasion. Grrrr! This is crazy! At least Annabeth has blonde hair now.

  3. Noelle

    Percy has SHORT HAIR? And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t like when characters drastically change, so forgive me if I don’t like that Movie Annabeth (I view Book Annabeth and Movie Annabeth as two completely different people) has BLONDE hair now. All I can say is: Eh.

  4. Alex

    Anabeth is finally blonde

  5. Shane

    i just hope they follow the story better and with tyson they are in public so for the first time for us or for a bit it might be two eyes cuz percy said it was easyer for him to see his one eye the farter away from civilization

    • Victoria

      Yeah, i heard Alexandria (the actress for annabeth) said that they’re sticking a lot more to the book for this one.

  6. michael

    Their first mistake was making the characters too old. It’s going to take a lot to revive the movie

  7. ilepp

    and what about the oracle

  8. Stephanie

    I really, really, really REALLY hope that they don’t brutally slaughter this book like they did the first. At least Annabeth is blonde, which doesn’t really make me forgive the first movie, but it’s a start. Tyson isn’t supposed to be there throughout the entire plot…and neither is Grover.
    What is Grover doing there?
    Isn’t he supposed to be forcibly engaged?!
    This movie is already messing everything up.
    Logan Lerman.
    I have faith in you. Don’t let me down….(even though your character was supposed to be thirteen years old in this movie. -,-)

    • ShannonHammond

      You do know these stills could be at the end of the movie!? Because when they make most movies they film them all out of context as it would be really hard to film each scene as they go, bcoz some actors might me doing other movies or the venue might not be booked and so on! And even know the first movie wasn’t to the book, you have to let it go bcoz the movie was some one else’s work and so they put their own twist on it! The movie in it’s self wasn’t that bad, really. You just have to let go of your expectations and watch the movies as a singe piece of art work, and not a copy of some thing that already exists, coz if you don’t they will all fail to meet your image and so they will all be rubbish in your eyes. By the way I have read all the books and watched the movie!

  9. Gabriel

    I suppose this is one of the final scenes, when the four of them are ACTUALLY together. This could be the scene of the comeback when they arrive in Florida and Clarisse is gone with the golden fleece.
    Aaaaand please, you mortals stop saying that Tyson does’nt look like a cyclops. If you can’t see beyond the Mist, so sorry.

  10. nikhil

    In first movie- no clarrise, no oracle, no Ares, Luke dies

    How the hell are they going to make this all up in the sea of monsters?
    What are Grover and Tyson doing throughout the whole movie? Grover should be in with dragon!

    • Rusty

      Dragon it’s Polyphemus the cyclops…

    • Victoria

      @nikhil: Well, Luke actually doesn’t die. He just gets thrown into the water. He probably got saved or something because let’s face it…it’s Luke. But it definitely looks like he dies doesn’t it?

  11. breanna

    so the one with tyson and percy and annabeth could be were they are running from the school and the one with grover and annabeth and tyson and percy could be when they are going back to camp and they run into luke

  12. Jon

    Man I’ve read all the books and now I get to see the movies (:

  13. Kai

    So far they are looking good… Thank god they made Annabeth’s hair blonde. The only problem is the prophecy. He’s too old. They better make it good

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