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PredatorsDirector Nimrod Antal will be directing Predators the new Predator movie announced by Robert Rodriguez back in April.

Predators Movie Trailer

The movie would be a direct sequel to the original, possibly ignoring Predator 2, Alien vs. Predator, and Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. so we may consider it a reboot. The following Predator movie were maybe not as good as the first one with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the over-confident Rodriguez shouldn’t mock them, it’s not sure that his new Predator movie would fare any better:

“Maybe people will forget all the bad sequels and only think this one and the original exist.”

Producer Robert Rodriguez

Some are talking of an old script written by Rodriguez back in the 1990s that never got made in which Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenneger) is abducted by the PREDATOR and brought to their homeworld for some inter-species gladiatorial games. The script was also titled PREDATORS. So the plot of the new movie Predators probably comes from this first script.

Update 1: First pictures from the set of Predators!

The movie Predators is set for a release on July 7, 2010.

9 Responses - “Predators Movie”

  1. thaMC

    This could be good but, I disagree about the sequels; the Danny Glover sequel (Predator 2), was good. Oh, well.

  2. xino

    Predator 1 and 2 were the best!

    AvP 1 and 2 were crap. AvP 2 was a complete piece of trash!

  3. Tumr

    Predator 2 good… Sure Arnold could barely beat one of the Predators and Danny goes ahead and beats one on a Mano y Mano fight. Don’t think so 2 was crap… The PvA series at least threw something that we had all been wanting to see in the mix.

  4. chris

    yes avp1 and 2 were crap but thats because they went too far off the original comic books — if you read the original 1989 comic book you will see how good they really could be. this movie should be a good movie however — seems lawrence fishburn will be in it.

  5. Matt

    i dont mind that their changing a few things but the predators need to look like predators! Giant inhuman like strength monsters that are master hunters that live for the thrill of the chase not some guy who my forarm is bigger than his neck



    Kevin Peter Hall the best predator yet.. Predators take a leaf out of his book and make the predators act and move from like they are from another planet not like a upright human in a suit.


  7. iccarus

    looks promising, although the girl with the rifle at 0:08 would get an “idiot cut” if she fired that thing.

  8. Jamie Deyes

    Yes the original still gets played here all the time, but so does Predator 2 as well. I thought the second film was good but then again I’m just an out and out Predator fan. The new film looks great and I can’t wait for it. To see it on the big screen should be good as well. Kevin Peter Hall set a high standard but then again he was great as Bigfoot as well. Anyway lets all just go and enjoy it!!!!!

  9. riddick

    robert is an idiot i will see the film but predator 2 rocked he dare disrespect it i hope his film is good but isn’t financially successful to show him to respect other film’s.

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