Red Dawn – North Korea to invade the USA!

Red Dawn Movie remakeLet’s watch this TV spot of Red Dawn, the upcoming war drama movie directed by Dan Bradley:

Red Dawn Trailer – In theaters: November 21, 2012


When the enemy attacks One group of heroes will fight for us all!

“A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.”

Those crazy North Koreans commies don’t stand a chance in the long run! They should have been nuked long ago!

Anyway, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will strike them with lightning and will save the day!

4 Responses - “Red Dawn – North Korea to invade the USA!”

  1. james

    wow north korea? that’s even lamer than the first red dawn movie

  2. Mr.Sick

    Sure a bunch of ordinary teenagers standing a chance against one of the best drilled army in the world…typical overkill patriotism of Americans who think there the top of the world.

    • Teaser Trailer

      North Korea can’t even feed its population and even its soldiers are malnourished. Their weapons are outdated. The “best drilled army in the world” ??? You’re really talking about the North Korean army? God, open your eyes and stop speaking nonsense. The only reason those North Korean commies are still around is China.

  3. Mr.Sick

    they are still better trained than some kids who only know fighting from COD…

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