Sneak Preview Prince of Persia Movie

Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia Movie

A behind the scenes preview clip of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, with a glimpse of some footage, has shown up online thanks to Entertainment Tonight.

Watch below the Prince of Persia sneak preview clip:

Prince of Persia Behind the Scenes Clip

Prince of Persia
Click on the picture see the footage!

Jake Gyllenhaal looks damned convincing as Prince Dastan!

12 Responses - “Sneak Preview Prince of Persia Movie”

  1. zaheedullah

    wowwwwwww thiss guy is the realllll…….. prince of persia…
    and he look sick …..

  2. aynonumus

    Hell no, it doesn’t even seem to go to the main storyline in the game
    seems like they’re just bunching altogether.

  3. natlie

    Well, I have to say that Jake whoever doesn’t look that bad, but there’s a catch, we have to wait until 2010 which is in two years time.

  4. Joseph

    anonymous, if you come back to this site to read this, I greatly encourage you to read up on what Jordan Mechner (creator of Prince of Persia) is saying about this game to movie adaptation, so that you may realize what an utter bonce your being.

  5. michael

    Jake Gyllenhaal looks vaguely like the prince. He was hilarious in Donnie Darko “i think about f***ing all day!” :D lol

  6. Mike

    I hope the movie recreates some of the awesome stunts that were done in the game.

  7. alex

    okay…. what the hell is Newell doing… he is making me tear my hair out, what has he done, jake might look like the original Prince of Persia, but he is not wearing the same costume, it’s farah not tamina in the game, this movie is out in 2010 ?, why the hell is it out in 2010, this movie has been in production for the last 2 years, it takes a few months to shoot a movie, a few weeks to edit it, or is it gonna be like all the other game-movie flops, resident evil was a huge mistake, no way is it anywhere in the direction of the game series, Chris Redfield is the main character and so is Kennedy and they haven’t been in a film, Resident evil degeneration was good because it was like watching a game unfold, maybe they should do it CGI and cut all the crap.

    i guarantee this movie will flop, big time, there is a gigantic list of game-movies that have flopped, resident evil (except degeneration), tomb raider etc.

    there is nothing that would make me want to see this movie as it’s all wrong, there is no vizier, no farah, no king, no maharajah, just a few Hollywood actors that Newell thinks can play the roles.

    they should have cast either oded fehr, jeff hardy or ben barnes to play the prince, shilpa shetty, shelley conn or zoe saldana to play farah, christopher lee, ian mckelin or micheal gambon to play the vizier, but no, they lose the original game cast where the movie originated from and choose a whole new cast and base it on a love story.

    i have played through the sands of time, warrior within and the two thrones and there is a hint of love in the whole thing, but it’s mostly about redemption of a young prince fighting to undo the mistake he made, by undoing the sands of time, not running after some girl in morocco.

  8. Daniel

    The game PRINCE OF PERSIA SANDS OF TIME is ok but i’m eight hurry up with the movie! I’ve finished all of them they’re easy i’ve been playing ma15+ games since i was two!

  9. Dante

    Seriously Alex are you complaining about the storyline and casting?
    BASED on the games.
    J*sus man read the starting credits.

  10. Brit

    Ok I wasn’t too concerned about this movie until I saw that Disney is doing it. Excuse me but the Prince of Persia games were rated M for mature and thats part of what makes them awesome. Disney has no right making this movie. They are going to f*** it up.

  11. john

    jake look too much of a fruit cake in this movie, this role doesn’t fit him at all

  12. Justin

    J.G. will be a awesome prince, and who does fantasy better than Disney? You people need to get off the game, this is not the game this is the movie! It’s not supposed to be the exact same storyline, if it was you could just play the game and forget a movie. F***in’ kids these days, all you do is complain.

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