Spider-Man In Action

A new spy picture of Spider-Man on the set of the reboot movie directed by Marc Webb:

Spider-Man Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

TMZ also caught the scene on video:

Any idea why Spider-Man is running instead of using his web-shooters?

3 Responses - “Spider-Man In Action”

  1. Mavrik

    powers still developing? rather than getting them all at once? remember it’s a prequel so maybe giving wider story to the powers

  2. xino

    wow man…that was cool!

  3. barich

    not using web-shooters?here’s a wild idea…if it’s a reboot they’ll probably make spiderman like the original which means no organic web but high intelligence to make some web shooters…i haven’t read much info about the reboot movie but i think it’ll be a good movie and it’d be cool if it turned out like Batman Begins…and plus that i think andrew garfield is better suited as spiderman than tobey because tobey is,well tobey…

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