Starship Troopers Invasion Movie

Starship Troopers Invasion, the upcoming Starship Troopers movie directed by Shinji Aramaki, is a CGI animated movie. They used motion capture for the film. Take a look to the behind the scenes:

Starship Troopers Invasion Trailer

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“Motion capture is done with people wearing black skin-tight suits with kind of light balls that reflect the infrared signals and let the multiple high tech cameras capture the movement. As our characters are supposed to be wearing power suits in the movie, we had to put sponges under our actors’ arms so that their movements would be limited as if they were wearing armor. They also had to fight imaginary bugs. But, for some scenes, a Japanese staffer held a balloon and made squeaky noises to simulate the bug squeals. The funny part is that he practiced impersonating a bug at home in front of his wife, and I guess his wife was like ‘what the ???'”

From the official Tumbler Blog of Starship Troopers Invasion

And a few earlier concept arts of the starship:

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There is a Federation outpost named Fort Casey that will appear at the beginning of the movie on an asteroid near a planet being attacked by the bugs. Here is a preliminary sketch of the fort’s design:

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An old sketch (from 2009, check the trailer to see the final design) by Shinji Aramaki:

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Are you ready to kill giant bugs?

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