Terminator Salvation Behind The Scenes

Christian Bale in an helicopter - Terminator 4 MovieChristian Bale has reached the status the badass actor, and I bet he’s gonna keep it for a long time. One more proof of this in this behind-the-scenes clip of Terminator Salvation:

Terminator 4 Behind The Scenes

Christian Bale is so dynamic that Director McG has to calm him down:

“Christian Bale wants to do everything himself: he’s a guy who really likes to feel it. But there’s insurance issues and you get producers to come out and sort of de-engage him from the hook which he’s about to hang from the side of the building.”

Director McG

Terminator chasing humans int he rumbles of Mankind's civilizationStill no confirmation of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cameo in Terminator 4. According to the rumor, it would not even be a real cameo but some computerized avatar, well that would be fine too I guess!

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  1. papasmurf

    I agree he’s a bada**. In the best way! That’s the type of actor you want to play in this type of movie. Bring it on! You don’t want a pansy. I hear he does a lot of the stunts himself. At one point, he broke his hand punching one of the terminators on set while filming.

  2. Bale's Mistress

    I agree with you papasmurf. I love his bad*ss attitude and portrayal of John Connor. Christian is my absolute favorite actor,and he has played so many roles in his amazing 22 year career. And although his bad*ssness is so sexy,I’d love to see him do a rom com( he has a great sense of humor,so I heard),or play a sports figure,like I can totally see him playing a football coach,or even a QB,he’s got that physicality that appeals to both men and women,and he approaches each character with incredible range and depth.He’s the most dedicated,hardworking,passionate,and intense actor I’ve ever seen,and he obsessively throws himself physically,mentally,and psychologically into each role he plays.You can’t say that about many actors out there.

    Despite the so-called meltdown on the set,he’s a great person,and he’s sadly misunderstood,mainly because he leads a very private life,and when you’re that private about your personal life,people have a tendancy of sort of “filling in the blanks”. I love Christian,he’s the ONLY actor that really gets me excited about the movies.♥♥♥♥

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