The Titan Movie

There’s a first official teaser poster for The Titan, the upcoming science-fiction thriller movie directed by Lennart Ruff based on a script by Marx Hurwitz and Arash Amel and starring Sam Worthington (yep the actor from Clash of the Titans, but this film isn’t a sequel, or it’s a very distant one both in time an space, lol), Tom Wilkinson, Taylor Schilling, Diego Boneta, and Nathalie Emmanuel:

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The Titan

Plot synopsis:
“Hotshot Air Force pilot, Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington), is chosen for a military experiment that will create a human being capable of surviving the harsh environments of Saturn’s moon, TITAN.
The experiment is successful, turning Rick into a super-human, but it also creates deadly side-effects which threatens the life of Rick, his wife and family, and possibly humanity itself.”

Filming started in February 2016. We have a few pictures from the set:

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The Titan Movie Film Clapper

A closer look at the logo of the Titan Program, the fictional organization intending to sent Rick to Titan, and a few promo pictures:

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Sail the forbidden seas.

Courage is Knowing what not to fear.
Step beyond the frontier of human experience.
It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
There can be no hope without sacrifice.

Composer Fil Eisler is in charge of the film score.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about The Titan.

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