Gambit Movie

Gambit MovieThe mutant Cajun is likely to get his own spin-off movie. Such a move by Marvel would make sense because Gambit can boast quite a large following among Comic book fans. This mutant can use kinetic energy to stylishly throw supercharged cards at his enemies. He’s got a real panache and laddies fall for him more than often.

The upcoming Wolverine movie is introducing the character (played by Taylor Kitsch):

It is said that Taylor Kitsch signed for three films. So we may bet that Gambit will have his own spin-off live action movie.

Gambit Live Action Movie

A Gambit movie would likely focus on his origins.

Nothing official yet though. And because of the impressive line-up of movies based on Marvel’s heroes in the coming years, it won’t be released any time soon…

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  1. Kimithy

    that would be awesome if gambit got his own movie! and Taylor Kitsch makes a good Remy. The only problem with him is his accent isn’t really good. He would have to work on it if he wants the Gambit movie to be really good!

  2. Luetya

    I’m still mad that Gambit is way older than Rouge but at least they finally have shown my favorite xman.

  3. Emma

    I didn’t like Taylor Kitch as remy, He just didn’t pull it off. Also upset that he didn’t have gambits eyes :(

  4. John

    Yeah, I hope they get someone else to play gambit because this covenant Taylor guy s*cked. He did so much injustice to my favorite character it was ridiculous. The only positive thing was they made him look somewhat decent I guess. His accent sucked big time, and I don’t think he really captured the essence of Gambit. Gambit is a smooth talking ladies man with a great Cajun accent. I couldn’t tell what accent this Taylor Kitsch guy was trying to do and he didn’t even do it all the time. If they do get him to reprise the role he would either have to work on his accent and acting, or they just dub over his voice with the guy who voiced Gambit in the animated series. Otherwise can him and get someone good, or else I will lose faith in x-men movies that come out hereafter.

  5. Buttons

    So… how hard would it have been for them to give him the black/red eyes? They couldn’t do that? Only when he’s charging something? That makes me very… mad.

  6. ariel

    there’s going to be a deadpool and gambit spinoff in like 2012

  7. Lucy

    Why did they change the age difference between ROGUE and GAMBIT. It also made me so mad that ROGUE is only a teen in the x-men movies because i loved the on and off relationship they both had in the comics and 90s cartoons.

  8. Kat

    ok guys seriously, he didn’t do that bad. you cant blame him for not having the eyes, the age difference, or for not showing the whole smooth talking ladies man thing. he was only in the movie for like 20 minutes and most of it was a fight scene the rest of it was telling Logan about/taking Logan to the island, and finding him after he got shot. he would need more screen timefor all you guys know he could end up being the perfect gambit. if i recall correctly a lot of people were skeptical when the picked Hugh Jackman as wolverine for the first xmen movie. now granted i will say that the accent sucks. that really needs work.

  9. Cody

    Gambit has always been my favorite X-men, and Taylor Kitsch was always one of my favorite actors. That being said, he could have done a much better job at being Remy. His accent was less-then good, his eye’s….don’t get me started. How hard is it to make his eyes right? But I do have faith that Taylor could make a rather impressive Remy Lebeau in the coming movies. I’m just glad that they finally showed Gambit on the big screen :)

  10. Bink

    i like how his eyes changed to the red, but he really didn’t have a French sounding accent, only southern. All in all, it is good, Gambits sexy,lol.

  11. Lisa

    Taylor Kitsch is a freakin’ sexy hot Gambit. If they made a Gambit movie with him starring, I would pay to see it a thousand times and buy it on Blu-Ray. I re-watch Wolverine just to see the part with Gambit. When he asks in the film if Wolverine missed him, I always scream out at the screen “Yes, I did.” He’s frickin’ beautiful. I also thought they did a great job showcasing his powers, although I did not like when Wolverine hit him in the face so rudely with his elbow.

  12. Cassy

    They may want to hurry up with the Gambit flick. It’s not like homedude is getting any younger. Wolverine rocked, but he looked older (obviously) than he did in the original X-Men. Xp

  13. Fre

    Rogue was bad ass in the cartoon. they made her so damn weak in the movie. They really down graded her character. I think they should re-make x-men. Taylor Kitch did ok. I hope hey will do a gambit movie. It would be a bad ass

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