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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Trailer

Spider Man Homecoming Film 2017You may watch below the first official trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming, the upcoming superhero movie reboot directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland:

Plot synopsis:
“A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in Captain America: Civil War, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging super hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.”

So what do you think of this trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming? Are you all pumped up for the film? Are you impatient to see Tom Holland as Spider-Man? Or do you still miss Andrew Garfield or even Tobey Maguire? Tell us in the comments below!

The movie Spider-Man Homecoming will hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

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Baby Baby Baby Movie Trailer

Baby Baby Baby MovieCheck out the official trailer of Baby Baby Baby, the upcoming romantic drama comedy movie directed by Brian Klugman and starring Adrianne Palicki, Brian Klugman, James Roday, Kelsey Grammer, Michaela Conlin, Dennis Haysbert, Kelly McCreary, and Jonathan Silverman, with William Shatner and Cloris Leachman:

Plot synopsis:
“Two mismatched people try to overcome their baggage to make love work.”

The scene with William Shatner is priceless!

There are also two posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


Love imitating art, imitating love.

The release date of the movie Baby Baby Baby is set to February 7, 2017.

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Clip of The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe December 2016 Horror MovieYou may watch below a new preview clip of The Autopsy of Jane Doe, the upcoming psychological horror movie directed by Andre Ovredal and starring Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox, Olwen Kelly, Ophelia Lovibond, Michael McElhatton, and Parker Sawyers:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe – Tongue
Plot synopsis:
“In a small-town, family-owned mortuary, father (Brian Cox) and son (Emile Hirsch) coroners receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death – a beautiful young ‘Jane Doe’. As they attempt to figure out how she died and who she is, they discover increasingly bizarre clues, which hold the key to terrifying secrets.”

Any idea what happened to her tongue? Creepy! And that black fly escaping from her nostril: so gross!

Release date: December 21, 2016.

Cross Wars Movie Trailer

Cross Wars MovieWe’ve got our hand son the first official trailer of Cross Wars aka Cross 2, the upcoming action fantasy comedy movie directed by Patrick Durham based on a script he cow-wrote with Jonathan Sachar and starring Brian Austin Green, Vinnie Jones, Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, Lori Heuring, Tim Abell, Patrick Durham, Jonathan Sachar, Ned Liebl, Andre Gordon, and Juhahn Jones:


A new squad of heroes must save mankind from the apocalypse …yet again

Plot synopsis:
“Straight from the comics to the mean streets of Los Angeles…armed with a powerful ancient Cross amulet, Callan (Brian Austin Green) and his team of weapons experts battle local thugs and heinous criminals. When a ruthless villain named Muerte (Danny Trejo) threatens to kill Callan’s crew, he and his team join forces with an all-girl crime-fighting squad led by Riley – who has an ancient amulet of her own! But Muerte is not working alone. He has resurrected the evil immortal Gunnar (Vinnie Jones) who has a plan more sinister than anyone can imagine. Can Callan prevent the looming apocalypse and save humanity? It’s enough to make a superhero all stressed out!”

Who do you prefer: Danny Trejo or Vinnie Jones?

Anyway, here’s the official Blu-ray cover:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Cross Wars Movie Poster

Never too late to save mankind!

The release date of the movie Cross Wars is set to February 7, 2017 (on Blu-ray and DVD).

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Clip of 100 Streets

100 StreetsYou may watch below a preview clip of 100 Streets, the upcoming British drama movie directed by Jim O’Hanlon and starring Idris Elba, Gemma Arterton, Tom Cullen, and Franz Drameh:

100 Streets – I’m sorry
Plot synopsis:
“The film, a powerful ensemble drama, follows three contrasting and interwoven stories as they play out in one square mile of modern day London. A former rugby player, Max (Idris Elba), struggles to find a life off the field while fighting to save his marriage to former actress Emily (Gemma Arterton). Kingsley (Franz Drameh) is a small time drug dealer desperately seeking a way off the street. While completing his community service for a misdemeanor, Kinsley meets Terence (Ken Stott), a local thespian, who gives him the push he needs out of his dead end life and into a very different, creative world. George (Charlie Creed-Miles), a cab driver, and his wife Kathy (Kierston Wareing) dream of having kids, but a devastating road accident puts their hopes on hold even testing their otherwise strong marriage. Anybody can make a wrong turn, but it’s the journey that allows us to find the right path.”

There’s also a new poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Every street has a story.

Well, what’s your street’s story then? or did you just move in?

US release date: January 13th, 2017.

Retake Movie Trailer

Retake MovieWe’ve got our hands on the official trailer of Retake, the upcoming romantic drama movie directed by Nick Corporon based on a script he co-wrote with Justin Bailey, Collin Brazie, and Gareth Dutton:

Plot synopsis:
“Jonathan (Tuc Watkins) — a handsome businessman — flies into San Francisco and hires a young hustler (Devon Graye) to accompany him a road trip to the Grand Canyon, with a catch: he must role-play as someone named “Brandon.”
On the road, “Brandon” comes to realize he’s playing a vital role in the recreation of Jonathan’s lovelorn past. As the hustler digs for clues, Jonathan insists that he stick to the role he was hired for. Eager to leave his own past behind and feeling a strange connection with his unique client, he sheds his own identity and plays the part. An amorous game of obsession and manipulation commences, as these two broken souls get closer to their destination.”

There’s also a movie poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Retake Movie Poster

The release date of the movie Retake is set to January 6, 2017 in Los Angeles, and then on Demand on January 10, 2017.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

The Wall Movie Trailer

The Wall MovieCheck out the official trailer of The Wall, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Doug Liman based on a script by Dwain Worrell and starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena:


This isn’t war, it’s a game.

Plot synopsis:
“A deadly psychological thriller that follows two soldiers pinned down by an Iraqi sniper, with nothing but a crumbling wall between them. Their fight becomes as much a battle of will and wits as it is of lethally accurate marksmanship.”

Do you think they will make it out alive? Or will that damn sniper kill them all?

The release date of the movie The Wall is set to March 10, 2017.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

Baywatch Movie Trailer

Baywatch Comedy MovieThe official full-length trailer of Baywatch, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Seth Gordon, has been unleashed online, watch it below:

Plot synopsis:
“The film follows devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) as he butts heads with a brash new recruit (Zac Efron). Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay.”

This trailer of Baywatch was hilarious, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

What about you? Do you Seth Gordon’s take on Baywatch?

The cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Priyanka Chopra, Jon Bass, and Ilfenesh Hadera.

Coming to theaters: May 26, 2017.

Pitchfork Movie Trailer

Pitchfork MovieYou may watch below the first official trailer of Pitchwork, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Glenn Douglas Packard based on a script he co-wrote with Darryl F. Gariglio and starring Daniel Wilkinson, Lindsey Nicole, Brian Raetz, Ryan Moore, Celina Beach, Keith Webb, Sheila Leason, Nicole Dambro, Vibhu Raghave, Rachel Carter, Andrew Dawe-Collins, Carol Ludwick, Derek Reynolds, Addisyn Wallace, and Anisbel Lopez:


Every generation has its monster.

Plot synopsis:
“Having recently shared a life-changing secret with his family, Hunter recruits his friends to come with him from New York to the farm where he grew up as he faces his parents for the first time. As the college students enjoy the fresh air of Michigan farm country, an older, more dangerous secret slowly emerges.
While Hunter navigates a new place within his conservative family, a vicious creature from their past descends on the farm, putting the unsuspecting city kids in mortal danger.”

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Pitchfork Movie Poster

Beware: there’s a murderous freak with a pitchfork on the loose!

The release date of the movie Pitchfork is set to January 13, 2017.

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Trailer of A United Kingdom starring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike

A United KingdomHere’s the US trailer of A United Kingdom, the upcoming biography drama movie directed by Amma Asante and starring David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Jack Davenport, and Tom Felton:

Plot synopsis:
“The true story of the forbidden love of King Seretse Khama of Botswana (David Oyelowo) and Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike), a white woman from London, which caused an international uproar when they decided to marry in the late 1940’s just as apartheid was being introduced into South Africa. It was a decision that altered the course of African history.”

And the film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Love is a powerful force that knows no frontier!

The film will be released in theaters on February 17, 2017.

Con Heist Movie Trailer

Coin Heist MovieYou may watch below the first official trailer of Coin Heist, the upcoming written and directed by Emily Hagins and starring Alex Saxon, Alexis G. Zall, Sasha Pieterse, and Jay Walker:


They’ll do what’s wrong to make things right!

Plot synopsis:
“When a crisis threatens to destroy their high school, four teens hatch a daring plan to raise $10 million. Step one? Breaking into the U.S. Mint.”

Do you root for those young thieves? Or do you feel like they should rot in jail?

The release date of the movie Con Heist is set to January 6, 2017.

3 Clips of Burn Country

Burn Country - James FrancoWe’ve got our hands on three preview clip of Burn Country, the upcoming dram thriller movie starring Dominic Rains, Melissa Leo, James Franco, Rachel Brosnahan, Thomas Jay Ryan, Tim Kniffin, and James Oliver Wheatley:

Burn Country – Dead body

Burn Country – What are you working on?

Burn Country – Gary is going to be mad.
Plot synopsis:
“After being exiled from Afghanistan, a former war journalist settles in a small town in Northern California and takes a job with a local newspaper. But when he attempts to cover local crime, he stumbles into local corruption that puts himself and others in danger.”

There’s also a new poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

James Franco is just stealing the show with that wig, lol!

The film is directed by Ian Olds. It will be released on December 9, 2016.

Clip of Slash

Slash FilmYou may watch below a preview clip of of Slash, the upcoming drama comedy movie starring Michael Johnston and Hannah Marks:

Slash – Dialogue
Plot synopsis:
“Neil is a questioning high school freshman whose main social outlet is the steamy erotic fan fiction he writes about Vanguard, the brawny, galaxy-hopping hero of a popular sci-fi franchise. When Neil’s stories are exposed in class he is mortified, but the effortlessly-cool Julia comes to his defense. An erotic fan fic writer herself, Julia pushes Neil to publish his stories to an online “adult” forum, where they quickly grab the attention of the site moderator, Denis. When Neil is invited to present his work at a comic con live-read event, he must face the fact that Denis’ interest in him may be more than simply professional… perhaps like his own feelings for Julia.”

Is opening an honest dialogue really key to maintaining a stable relationship? Or is being honest about one’s sexual desires more important? What do you think?

The film will be released on December 9, 2016.

Lady Macbeth Movie Trailer

Lady Macbeth MovieYou may watch below the tense trailer of Lady Macbeth, the upcoming drama movie directed by William Oldroyd from a script by Alice Birch based on the novel “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District” written by Nikolai Leskov and starring Florence Pugh, Cosmo Jarvis, Paul Hilton, Naomi Ackie, and Christopher Fairbank:

Plot synopsis:
“Rural England, 1865. Katherine (Florence Pugh) is stifled by her loveless marriage to a bitter man twice her age, and his cold, unforgiving family. When she embarks on a passionate affair with a young worker on her husband’s estate, a force is unleashed inside her so powerful that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.”

Florence Pugh is delivering here a vivid performance! And it doesn’t feel like she’s acting: she IS Lady Macbeth!

The release date of the movie Lady Macbeth is set to June 2, 2017.

Miss Sloane Movie Making Of

Miss Sloane Anti Gun MovieWe may venture behind the scenes of Miss Sloane, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by John Madden and starring Jessica Chastain, thanks to this new B-roll video:

Miss Sloane – B-Roll video – Behind the scenes
Plot synopsis:
“The story a ruthless lobbyist (Jessica Chastain) who is notorious for her unparalleled talent and her desire to win at all costs, even when it puts her own career at risk. The thriller pulls back the curtain on how Capitol Hill games are played and won as Sloane faces off against the most influential powers in D.C.”

Did Jessica Chastain borrow the Joker’s lipstick or Eddie Redmayne’s? Anyway, love her!

The movie Miss Sloane will open in theaters on December 9, 2016.