George Miller Mad Max 4

Mad Max 4 Fury RoadSome update about Mad Max 4: looks like Director George Miller isn’t satisfied with just an animated movie for Mad Max 4, instead he’s gonna film a live-action Mad Max 4 movie in Australia. He’s been boasting about a $100 million budget, and that’s quite huge knowing that no studio is backing the project yet! The main actor who’s going to replace Mel Gibson hasn’t been announced yet, but pre-poduction is well under way ofr Mad Max 4. George Miller was even showing off the cars they’re going to use:

Mad Max 4 Fury Road

George Miller talks about MAD MAX 4

The movie Mad Max 4 will be titled Mad Max 4 Fury Road. And according to the rumor Actor Sam Worthington, who’s Australian, could be hired to play the role of Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson’s character).

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  1. ViZitor

    Waaaahhh :) Mad Max !!!
    Hope it will be awesome.

  2. Roger Clemmens

    Yes, and be sure it’s got the same tone, same editing, same costume designer, same sound editing, same stunt director, same mood, same musical score, same setting designer, same casting director, as MM2.

    No Gap Kids meets Twisted Sister music video like MM3- which gave me a throbbing headache. We want to see Mad Max, not Remorseful Max, Reborn Max, Evangelized Max, Wiser Max, or crusty-old fart Max with a conscious. We want him and his V8 interceptor gazzed up and ready to kick ass! Clone the Cattle Dog, too.

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