Movie Poster of The Day The Earth Stood Still

A new version of the poster of The Day the Earth Stood Still:

The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie

Earth Stood Still Movie

In The Day The Earth Stood Still Klaatu the alien (Keanu Reeves) is a Friend of Earth, but it does not mean he is Mankind’s friend…

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  1. John Clark

    I am a fan of the earlier film. Professional acting and a great story. In watching the new trailer for the 2008 version, I have some concerns. 1) The army missile launchers look like toys. 2) The muzzle flashes from the 50 cal. machine guns look like they were pasted to the film during editing (why couldn’t they use real weapons?). 3) Digital computer graphics for the Predator aircraft are shown flying too fast (typical of the split-second imagery in today’s film. Dumb! No time for the viewer to take in what’s going on). Gort looks terrific. I only hope they make him very dark psychologically (in the original book, I believe Gort was the real master and Klaatu was his servant), and meaner than Darth Vader in the first two Star War movies. Hope they don’t screw up a great story. It would be terrific if this turns out to be a first-class science fiction movie with suspense.

  2. Best Classifieds

    We, the Science fiction fans, unanimously agree that the movie – the-day-the-earth-stood-still … all in all the film is good.
    The effects are simply superb.
    Story line is OK.
    And guys, don’t go and see the film and expectation of a fantastic story line.
    Science fiction story is anyone’s interpretation.
    Remember the word: fiction.
    We believe the producer wanted to convey a message about peace and hope. Isn’t it obvious the problem on earth is not about nature but man, himself the root problem.

    Anyway, Gort the myterious robot is incredibly fantastic.
    His body, color and everything about the machine.
    Would be nice if producer would show more of Gort in any future films.

    Would there be the Return of Gort?

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