11:11 Phenomenon Movie

11-11-11 MovieYet a new movie trailer for the upcoming horror movie 11-11-11:

11 11 11 Trailer

“Following the tragic death of his wife, Sarah, and son, Cole, in a fire caused by an insane fan, famed American best-selling author Joseph Crone is suffering severe depression that prevents him from writing.
While attending psychological support sessions, he meets Sadie, a young woman who has suffered a similar tragedy. One day, after a heart-warming conversation with Sadie, Joseph suffers a horrible car accident but comes out of it miraculously unscathed.
The accident occurs at exactly 11:11 AM.
Soon Joseph will discover that 11 is a number that was somehow important in his past life, and is doomed to appear more and more often in his daily existence.”

The film is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and is starring Timothy Gibbs, Wendy Glenn and Michael Landes. In theaters on November 11, 2011.

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