2 Clips of Devil’s Gate

Devil's Gate FilmWe’ve got our hand son two preview clip of Devil’s Gate, the upcoming science-fiction thriller movie directed by Clay Staub and starring Amanda Schull, Milo Ventimiglia, Shawn Ashmore, Bridget Regan, and Jonathan Frakes, watch them below:

Devil’s Gate – Does this look normal to you?

Devil’s Gate – Where are they?
Plot synopsis:
“Struggling to overcome a recent professional tragedy, a tough-as-nails FBI agent (Amanda Schull) relocates to a small North Dakota town to investigate the disappearance of a local woman and her young son. The search leads to the missing woman’s husband’s (Milo Ventimiglia) secluded farm, on which answers, new mysteries, and God-fearing terrors await… not to mention something locked and caged down in the basement.”

What do you think is in that basement? Anyway, glad to see Amanda Schull (who plays the role of Dr. Cassandra Railly in the TV series 12 Monkeys) on the big screen!

No official release date yet.

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