2 Clips of Infinity Baby

Infinity BabyYou may watch below two preview clips of Infinity Baby, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Bob Byington and starring Kieran Culkin, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Nick Offerman, Martin Starr, Kevin Corrigan, Megan Mullaly, Noel Wells, and Stephen Root:

Infinity Baby – For the relationship to proceed you have to meet my mother.

Infinity Baby – Stem cell experiment
Plot synopsis:
“Owing to a genetic mix-up involving stem cell research, the recently founded company Infinity Baby, run by the garrulous Neo (Nick Offerman), is able to offer a service for aspiring parents who never want to leave the baby bubble — infants that do not age. Ben (Kieran Culkin), a serial monogamist who says he wants to find the right woman but is always looking for the next one, and his competent pals Larry (Kevin Corrigan) and Malcolm (Martin Starr), are hired to market the service to those keen to nurture.
While Ben swipes through his smart phone looking for his next partner, Malcolm and Larry end up having more time with one of the timeless toddlers than we might have imagined. Does having a baby automatically confer some level of maturity? Will Ben’s mom, the sarcastic and demanding Hester (Megan Mullally), approve of Ben’s new girlfriend (Trieste Dunn)? Will Malcolm recover from a disastrous accident with kitchen cleaner? The answers to these questions and more await in Byington’s heady and hilarious potpourri.”

Why would sane parents want to be stuck in the baby bubble? Taking care of a baby is a living hell!

Anyway, here’s a poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Infinity Baby Banner Poster

No official release date yet.

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