3 New Banner Posters of Kong Skull Island

Three new banner posters of Kong Skull Island, the upcoming action adventure fantasy movie directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, have been unveiled, take a look below:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


All hail the king!

Plot synopsis:
“In the 1970s, a team of explorers and soldiers are brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean – as beautiful as it is treacherous – unaware that they are crossing into the domain of monsters, as well as the mythic Kong, the ‘king’ of the island.”

Who do you think would win in a fight pitting King Kong against Gorilla Grodd?

Release date: March 10, 2017.

Update – This additional poster from the land of the rising sun looks like an ad for a bowl of noodle:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Kong Skull Island - Japanese Movie Poster


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