2012 Is it real?

2012 MovieLet’s listen to a variety of experts who talk about how the world might just end in 2012:

2012 Trailer

I saw Roland Emmerich’s 2012, and it’s definitely an amazing movie!


What was shown in the different clips of 2012 is nothing compared to the whole thing on a giant screen! And you really care for the familly who’s trying to fly away from the imminent disaster: 2012 is a gorgeous movie both for its plot and its special effects! May God bless Roland Emmerich for his vision. And let’s hope that God will save us all from the final Apocalypse depicted in 2012!


2 Responses - “2012 Is it real?”

  1. Bronica

    I was so execited to watch this movie…i love the movie which is about the end of our world…….hehe:)-

  2. rebeca

    i loved this movie it left me on the edge of my seat. its type of movie that can only be seen on big screen. i felt for the main family shown in this movie and felt like i was part of the movie. what is shown in the movie is true one day it will happen but we don’t know when. maybe in 30 minutes or in 30 years. only time will tell. i think this movie shows not to take life and family for granted and live every day like you are gonna die tomorrow! this movie is a must see and the effects are awesome and seem so real i would give it a 10/10! peace out