2012 Japanese Trailer

2012 MovieThe movie 2012 shows that Director Roland Emmerich is kind of obsessed with the end of the world… His new movie is once again about the final apocalypse. And a damn scary apocalypse with that, just watch this Japanese trailer of 2012

2012 International Trailer

This new trailer of 2012 is quite spoilerish, we even see the ships the government is building to save the few chosen ones…

How would indeed the governments of our planet prepare six billion people for the end of the world? They Wouldn’t! They’d rather find a secret location:

Where they’d rush to build a few special ships in the limited time they’d have:

The rich, powerful, and celebrated, (who have greatly disproportionate control over the country), would get a ticket to safety, but the man in the street would be left to his fate…

I think we should vote right away for Bronson as president of the world, so he can boost his company Virgin Galactic for us all to get a cheap ticket to space!

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  1. HotConflict

    Is there a real change coming in 2012. What did the Mayans understand about the Dark Rift? Is the world going through an evolutionary change. The prophet Muhammed told the believers about the Changing direction of the sun and the coming Ascension !