2012 Movie Poster

In 2012, Earth is going to face a flood of Biblical magnitude! Well a major disaster was forecast by the Mayans ages ago, and Roland Emmerich, who’s a got a taste for disaster movie, seizes the opportunity to make a movie about it (before it’s too late?). Here an official poster of 2012 spotted at the ShoWest convention:

2012 Poster

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2012 Movie2012

The movie 2012 is starring John Cusack as a father who is desperately looking for a way to save his family from the flood. He hopes to join a secret governmental program that built a few special ships in the image of Noah’s Ark.

2 Responses - “2012 Movie Poster”

  1. Kevin

    Is this seriously a movie being made? I’m somewhat of a fanatic, I guess you would call it, of the 2012 events. I have my doubts on the actual event happening and it will be another Y2k thing but… what if???

  2. Ashanty

    I am terrified of 2012 and all its lil wonders it wants to bring us i don’t think i’m gonna watch this movie.. How do you prepare for the end of the world? i’m in love with life and i’m really scared i hope it is just another millenium thing. I hope whoever so does watch the film enjoys it. but as for me i’m gonna go pray… lol may god bless us all