2012 Movie Trailer

2012 Movie

Roland Emmerich is working on a new movie titled 2012, based on a Mayan belief that the world will end in 2012. The movie 2012 has an ensemble cast, including John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. It should be released in July 2009 November 2009 (the movie has been pushed back indeed).

The first official teaser trailer of the movie 2012, upcoming movie directed by Roland Emmerich, has been released.

Roland Emmerich 2012 Movie Official Teaser Trailer

How would the world’s leaders prepare six billion people for the end of the world?

They wouldn’t…


The Plot:
“With the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, a large group of people must deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons and glaciers.” (Source: IMDb)

Director Roland Emmerich tells more about his source of inpiration for the movie 2012:

“…This whole movie I’m doing next was inspired by just the phenomenon of the internet when you type in Google, ‘2012’, you get 240 million hits. That’s a lot. And it’s just, so many people write about it, believe it, that our world comes to an end in 2012. I said wow. I kind of said before I will never do a disaster movie again. I said, for this idea I have to do it again.”

Judging from the teaser trailer of 2012 it seems to be a new version of The Day After Tomorrow, so nothing really new… But I’m still thrilled by 2012.

I hope we will have a full length 2012 movie trailer soon!

Update: we now have the full trailer of 2012:

2012 MOVIE


91 Responses - “2012 Movie Trailer”

  1. Vincenteh

    All I hate about this 2012 trailer is that it shows almost nothing.

  2. SkyWingsKSU

    imo, “The Day After Tomorrow,” only showed what could happen in a super hurricane between west coast Europe and the Northern hemisphere part of North America. “2012” is going to show the whole world coming to the end. And replying Vincenteh, the trailer, i think it just gives you a cliff-hanging-feeling of excitement to watch it, and hiding all the surprises until the day when you do watch it. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  3. Dan Scott

    This movie is going to s**k, mark my words, I’d put everything i own on it. Its a cool idea, but guarranteed this guy is going to make it as mediocre and hacked as frigging possible

  4. 2012 & Beyond

    I will watch it. But now wonder how many of the 2012 “doomsayers” and “youtubers” were PAID VIRALISTS to get hype out for this movie ? No matter what, its an interesting phenom … and out of it hope not too many cults form and do “stupid things”

  5. Michelle

    I think this movie is going to be amazing. All the facts about 2012 better be in it though. Like the NWO conspiracy and all that. I know about it because Ive watched I dont know how many movie on youtube about it.. scary stuff. And to actually watch what may in fact happen… gives me chills. Im really looking forward to it and i wish it didnt come out so late!

    It would be ironic if it was released in 2013 lol.

  6. rob

    i think is … yeah another version of the day after tomorrow, but just hear hes name 2012 !!

  7. prophecy

    listen the world wont come to an end people no one knows the real date and hour but God. This is another way to make money and scare millions what about Y2K?? nothing happend.

  8. Ritchy

    Nice movie to scare the people into the 2012 thing. It’s just the end of the world as we know it.

  9. armina

    the movie will probly be a hit everyone loves this kinda stuff … but we also dont know if world is going to end in 2012 or never or if its going to end tomorrow … we just know we have enough atomic bombs to end it when ever the hell we want to so everything is possible…

  10. Josh

    The world wont end in 2012 unless global warming takes affect in which that case maybe but otherwise in another 8000 or more years the earth will be engulfed by the sun if our civilization manages to last that long.

    It states in almost every religion that there will come a day of judgment when and which power will mean nothing but that the survival of humanity rest in our hands and that the choice is up to those who recognize it.

    As Armina is right in a way we could have nuclear warfare and all die of radiation and shit like that so u never know just throwing some facts out there

  11. Leah

    I agree with you SKU, and what a hackneyed lazy approach. The idea of the end of the world should provide for better stories. Plus I saw John Cusack is in this and lately he’s gotten puffy and unrelateable without becoming funnier or more endearing.

    I also agree with you regarding the implicit racism in a movie like day after tomorrow with a strongly first world perspective. However movies like these don’t have to be good or challenging or artistic, they just need good marketing and a bit of pap and eye candy. I am already regretting the eleven dollars I will spend seeing this movie for weak reasons.

  12. rob88

    I think its a good idea to make this movie just because it will finally show so many people what they have been missing. So many people are so blinded by the future it is horrible. Even though so many cultures believe the world will end in 2012 and even though they all have there own way of thinking it, the biggest possibility would be the planet Nibiru or more popularly known as planet x, will come blundering at our world and destroying it. This movie will at least give us one idea of how the world might end. And who knows if the polar ice caps do shift that drastically, then we will have a serious problem. But at the end of the day I’m with Nostradamus.

  13. Jen

    I agree with Ritchy…..it’s the end of the world as we now know it. Read up on Mayan and/or Hopi prophecies. In fact most indigenous cultures all have something to offer on this date which is 21-12-2012 although I have also heard amongst some that the official “day” will be in Feb 2013. We are going to witness something amazing!

  14. Ed

    Mayas Never said that the world is going to end, they said that we are going to evolve, that’s it, they also talk about the economy crisis and all technology is going to fail, we are going to be send back to the stone age, no electricity, no technology, just us,

  15. some guy

    the first image is the Aztec calendar… not Maya….

    wrong example…

  16. LEILA

    I believe that the world is not going to end in 2012. Many people have predicted that something is going to happen in 2012, well I believe that its only going to bring a new era, who knows maybe the era of a water world and the people who will survive have to adapt to living in a big ocean with no land.

  17. Jose

    For liberal economists the world has ended about 2 months ago. :-)

  18. Amanda

    I believe that the world isn’t going to come to a end yet.
    It is way to soon for it to end now. They have been saying the world was going to end since 2000. What makes it so different now?
    All they are doing is getting people worked up and afraid of what may happen. The world could end today or tomorrow it is impossible to know when it will end only God knows.

  19. Richard

    I cannot wait until this movie is released!

  20. Self Loather

    I love it when people say, “Only God knows”. How silly. I would think that by a certain point in your spiritual life you would begin to ask questions that conflict with your basic Christian beliefs..

  21. spartahitman

    I’m glad someone finally made a movie about”2012″… people in the internet argue 24/7 about 2012… it involves the cradle of our religious beliefs… all religions can be traced back sumerian era & they carved in their stone tablets all the planets in our solar system including the mysterious planetX(NIBURU). Not only that, the lingering issue about the”missing-link”can be traced back to the sumerian era that aliens depicted as reptilian manipulated our DNA.. scholars now are leaning on this theory coz in the bible during genesis a serpent was involve… & so does all different regions around the world for ex. asia have dragons, europe dragons also & etc… cut it short juz go to you tube and search planetX, sumerians, niburu, and fallen angels… good luck!

  22. Archimedes

    Well, I just did some calculations.
    You’d need 1.5 billion cubic kilometres of water to submerge the Himalayas, given that they rise about 9km above sea-level.
    Anyone got any idea where that’s going to come from? It sure as hell is not present on our planet or in our atmosphere now…
    Doubt my words? The volume of a ball is 4/3*pi*r^3, do the rest of the math yourself…

  23. spartahitman

    the real fact i have about doomsday is that east coast of US i think will have their own armageddon anytime soon…
    scientists have realised that the next Mega Tsunami is likely to begin on one of the Canary Islands, off the coast of North Africa, where a wall of water will one day race across the entire Atlantic Ocean at the speed of a jet airliner to devastate the east coast of the United States, the Caribbean and Brazil. check it out folks… this one’s for real it’s a disaster waiting to happen! imagine manhattan a million people atleast how would you think they could escape the mega tsunami w/ ah let’s say 8hr. warning after collapse one of canary’s flanks? it will be chaotic i hope the gov’t got some”AIR-LIFT”plans goin on coz this one’s calculated & proven already & it exists & disaster is eminent i hope the US govt is not that dumb to ignore it…

  24. Lady P

    Sorry to disappoint the naysayers and neerdowells *wink* But, no the world will not end in 2012. We will have a wake up that will knock the socks off of our way of living. The sad part is that most people don’t know that nature is going into a transition and a phenomenon will occur in December of 2012 that has not occured in 13,000 years i.e the last time it did Alaska was near the equator. Yikes!!! So my advice to you all should be find your faith, live everyday as its your last and end every prayer in the matchless name of Jesus…

  25. Robin

    If you study history and do some ‘homework’ you would know that 2012, 21 Dec is the date the Mayan calendar flips over again. It has done so 13 times already. Geesh, what is wrong with you people? That is why the date is represented as

  26. Chris

    Alright 2012…okay I’m going to cut it straight. For one I do believe in a God and that’s just me. I do believe there will be doom some day. HOWEVER. 2012? If you will go to nasa.gov and type this in you’ll laugh. The 2012 bit started from someone who had written a book on the Y2K events and failed to get what he wanted. As of right now there are several sites selling books, survival gear, and for a small fee you can pay to have yourself cleansed and ready for 2012! C’mon people a wake up call? We are all so depressed right now that we always look to some kind of doomsday. The 2012 crap is only getting bigger due tot he fact that we have this thing called the internet. Don’t quite your job, the bible doesn’t predict a date (to be technical it says we won’t have a flipping clue when it happens), no new age religion that I know of predicts this, use common sense (anyone can edit something on the net or post something on youtube). This 2012 thing is getting annoying. Use the skills. Go to Nasa.gov, go to ask an astrobiologist and rest your nerves. Besides we got more pressing matters. Instead of thinking of doomsday lets think of things to stop it? Maybe work on global warming, improving ourselves something along those lines? IDK if I’m alone on this or not but some people either need a serious wake up call or a rehash on life.


  27. Marcie

    2012 is real but not as a doomsday. It is a new cycle that starts and many changes are happening right now in front of you. There is a lot about 2012 and December and so on but not even the Mayan Elders will affirm this date as a specific date. 2012 referring to the end of a cycle…

  28. 2012

    Besides the story based on 2012 the Mayan prediction, the world is to face with the flooding around lands. Indeed according to scientist there is 4000 million tons of methane under Siberia. and if the ice melts it will result in a huge increase of the level of sea. Then, the flooding will destroy all human beings. We need to migrate to highland for living. This is the real fate of the world. All scientists are calculating and predicting this natural disaster. Not over 30 years later, we will be seeing… soon

  29. Franko

    MARCIE, THANK YOU. Oh, how we all fear a known end to our lives! What nerves me is that people Proclaim that the end of the Mayan Calendar is the end of the world! What nerves me further is that in all my research, in all my hours of study, Nowhere does any culture Suggest the (END) of the world! In fact, The Mayans in truth suggested a dawning of a great and glorious age! People tend to be pessimistic, and that is unfortunate. This date is more likely linked to planetary alignment or something else related closely to astrology. It is pointing something out, but AGAIN, Never have the Mayans suggested an end to our pathetic little world. So, before you all go to fall asleep in your running car, do a little research. I hate this trailer and this movie, mostly because I went to see spirit today and enjoy a nice little epic, But no, Guess what, NEGATIVE NANCIE is there to yell into my and the audiences face, “YOU GONNA DIE”. Enough of my rant. I hope this thing is bigger than y2k.

  30. Franko

    Btw, Im going to laugh when the entire movie is based around that monks life, a twisted relationship, a lost lover, a secret murder! Dun dun dun, and then at the end the world ends.

  31. edgecity

    Fun idea, but Roland Emmerich? Why did it have to be Roland Emmerich? King of the movie hacks, right up there with…. McG! Oh well.

  32. James

    It does not matter what you believe In … what will be will be .the only thing you can determine is your self evolution by getting In touch with yourself before this mass scale event .It is not just us who will be liberated , our earth also will be moving on .
    The choices is ours to make…. we can remain In the lower realm’s until we finally get it or make do with the time at hand to climb the ladder . This Is not to escape death nor be above any other , It is only for your own self development . The world Is made of many halves that need connecting , this event will unify . I only believe In 2012 because I have seen it coming since a 6 year old then to learn about it in later life ….. so many other forces are at play that no one can really determine what will happen on that day as it will be hidden until it arrives . The only true sanctuary you will find will be on what you are willing to learn .

    Best wishes


  33. john

    OMFG all you are trying to do is to scare people… First you said 1989, then 2007… now 2012! Bullshit! The world won’t end in 2012. It’s a joke! But I wanna see the movie. ;-P

  34. godess

    I am a young mother of two and for a while I was depressed and frightened about this! But now I feel I was over reacting nobody really knows when the end will be here. I want to be a grandmother and see my children grow old and there children and so on. Life is for living and we won’t get much of that done if we believe in every story! I realise our world is in a state of danger but i truly believe man will stop this from happening. Live your life, don’t think about it. Look to the future. We are going to be around for a very long time yet. Keep smiling!

  35. J.Anne

    I say go for it, Roland. Bound to be a money maker and best-viewed. Use Cusak to his best, that’ll do the entire movie and movie audience a favor. He’s good – can’t imagine that whatever he’s in will be too bad. Believable/Believer or not, this will be one to watch. You have enough hype to make this one work in 2009 OR 2013 (on DVD, of course!).

    Cheers to all!


  36. Tobah

    Based on the number of people and the well educated “ufologists” out there that really believe in this stuff, I would suggest that the movie Idiocracy probably predicts a much more realistic end to our world.

  37. Karly

    Bring it on!!! I saw the trailer and it offers a good cliff-hanger and if the world comes to an end like the Mayans predicts then you know what life has been awesome.Gawd I wish I had my ancestors mathematical genius!

  38. Sunera

    Wow ! This seems to be a nice movie. I like it so much. It’s a little scary too. I’m saying this because i was a victim of Tsunami, in year 2004 in Sri Lanka. I’m a Sri Lankan and on that day we saw several tidal waves like this coming towards us. It’s sooo much similar to those waves that came toward the temple ( NOT HUGE LIKE THIS ! ). It’s a Tsunami memorable trailer. Whatever we don’t know when will the world’s end happen. It can be 2012 or next year or next week or even today. As a Buddhist I’m saying always do the right thing, don’t do bad things. If you do this, there’s nothing to fear about death. Anyway I wish all the best for the director, actors, and all the crew of this movie. SURELY THIS WILL BE A SUPER HIT IN HOLLYWOOD FILM INDUSTRY. GOOD LUCK !!!

  39. Soundwave

    If the sun spots do all group together on one side of the sun, and we experience a, I don’t know, a magnetic shift, or electromagnetic pulse …..

    The fact is there wont be a dang thing we can do about it.

    But if 2012 just so happens to wash away my debt with all its magnetic madness, then hey! Bring it on… LOL

    People thought 2000 was the end of the world.. and well we are still here!

  40. Mike

    I bet it’s a movie version of an old book “the HAB Theory”. The ice caps throw the planet off-balance, and the poles shift. Arctic ends on the equator, and some place on the equator ends up at the pole. Oceans slosh around a lot, hence the trailer.

  41. Tony

    Can you say Waterworld! No, not that movie, Hey, if someone created a craft to survive in the water then how could the world end, maybe in Dec 2012, the axis of the Earth starts to move and doesn’t stop, thus throwing off the Earth and hurling the Earth into the SUN. Now that would be a great ending to 2012!

  42. stockmarketrevenge

    damn, no one is sure about that 2012 stuff.
    but better travel around the globe in 2010 to see how it was (2012 mayan year is 2011 western calendar, seems to be), and if nothing happens to it, well i already travelled it (on cheap petrol, lol).
    better than working for a new $7000 kitchen i don’t need (my girl can’t cook, so why should i buy her a new one?)

  43. FoodLuv

    I like Whoppers. I’ll have a cat and a piggy. For 12.20.2012, I’ll just enjoy a whopper combo, with french fries and a soda, no… better yet, some kind of gourmet food with a good wie :D and then do something naughty :P

    how ’bout, lets enjoy today, be good, and make sure to be happy.
    You could eat chocolate also, or cheesecake… hmm….

  44. nina

    This 2012 craziness is astounding to me. How come the Mayans or whoever didn’t predict any other critical event in human history but this one. Seems like this 2012 hysteria may be some sort of government ploy for people to start panicking (e.g killing themselves to decrease our growing population or for people to start spending their life savings to stimulate the economy.) Who knows.. Live for today…Be blessed…

  45. neokanobi


    From time to time we always hear the End of the World Prophecies. I remember hearing in the mid 70’s that because of the alignment of the planets this would cause the Big One to hit California and other major disasters all over the world. Well the alignment happened but no disaster ever happened.

    Then came the year 2000 “the end of times”, well nothing happened.

    Now 2012. I believe that the Mayans were a great warrior race but if they really had their predictions down path why they did not predict their decimation ?

    If interesting to see the most Prophecies only become “reality” after the event happened before the incident no one said anything about it. The famous Nostradamus Prophecies before 09/11 no expert on this topic said that the Twin towers were going to get hit and that Nostradamus predicted. After the event the expert all said that it was written in his prophecies.

    Something to think about it…

  46. cdaic

    the world will end in 2012 by barack obama. it is a proven fact that he is the antichrist look it up.

  47. john

    most of us may be skeptics about the end because we are in denial and afraid of the fact. but one thing is certain, in every start there’s an end. in birth there is death! look around you the earth is changing, soon mankind will be subordinate again to nature. look how natures is control again. it is not about obama! not about the anti-christ or conspiracies! it is about what we collectively had done!

  48. N.Arfan

    I think that all these people who really believe that the world will come to an end in 2012 are just lunatics and poor ignorant brainwashed human beings. Don’t you get it, all this brou ha ha is for entertainment in order to make tones of money from people who aren’t capable to make their own judgment based on situations such as doomsday.
    Don’t you see it, they will make you pay to watch this movie and even better they’ll sell you many books and other kind of craps just by the fact that they’ll fill your brain with fear and make you become paranoiac. If you call yourself Christians or Muslims or Jews then you should perfectly know that no one knows the end of our time not even God’s Angels but only God possesses this knowledge.
    You all need to know that the predictions made by the Mayans based upon their calendar is of course the alignment of our solar system to the center of our Galaxy and the real prediction of 2012 is nothing less than the beginning of a new astrological cycle. Pure and simple. In other words use your common senses and don’t let others hijack your brain.

  49. Alex

    I think the movie will show many of the beliefs the people have about whats really going to happen in 2012 and I include myself when I say people. I know the calendar marks the alignment of the solar system but it started more than 3000 years BC and has never missed one solstice, then why does it ends in 2012? also there are a lot of other people that actually saw something will happen in that date not only the mayans, maybe the beliefs of Y2K were wrong, but what if the date was just wrong and the real year was 2012, I don’t really know but I wouldnt take the risk of saying that we are just going to be wrong about it again with something such this big, so, just as the movie says, google it. All of this being said I can only add that I hope this one to be a great movie inspired in all the people who really think that a major change will occur to the human race in that year.

  50. spartahitman

    n. arfan you are fanatic religious nutcase!

  51. john

    This is the 2012-idea that is told a lot but that nobody really believes…Therefore it won’t happen!

  52. your eyes blind you

    2012 is the starting point your species will create weapons you can not control; in doing so my race will come back to this planet and help you start your new age.

  53. kevin

    End of the world indeed?

    Does anyone remember the movie “the day after” made in 1982 with Jason Robards,John Lithgow about the world after a nuclear strike set in Lawence Kansas?

    If you don’t go find it and watch it’s rather comical now kind of like watch Escape from New York with Kurt Russell which was made in 1981 and took place in the future of 1997 GASP OMG LOL

  54. Teaser Trailer

    Talking about post-apocalyptic movie I’d suggest to check John Hillcoat’s The Road.

  55. JTT in WA

    I didn’t read all the posts, but the one thing I didn’t see mentioned in the posts I did read is “pole shift”. On 12/21/12 the earth will be exactly in the middle of the black hole in the middle of the Milky Way and the Sun, which could cause a gravitational pull that would shift the position of the planet. That would be scary if it happened, and scientists have already found that it has happened before. From a scientific perspective it’s pretty cool. From a regular Joe perspective, will the oceans spill over onto other parts of the planet? Or will nothing happen at all except the already inevitable climate change? Will Alaska suddenly be at the Eaquator? HMMM?

  56. david

    The world isn’t coming to an end yet so it’s pointless making a film with that name…

  57. nad

    the trailer was really cool but its message wasn’t that cool, it’s horrible…. “2012 Science Or Superstition” anyone out there check this documentary. at least both sides of the debate is heard on it.

  58. elaine

    The movie 2012 looks good.

  59. jenny

    omh that is so scary! and i have been doing research on pollution for 2 months and 2012 definitely could be true

  60. Ben

    I think it might be a pretty good movie

  61. Mark Gregory Galati

    I think the movie is going to be awesome. The world may not end in 2012. But who cares. When the movie comes out it’s going to scare the S**t of of everyone.

  62. Mike Rose

    2012…One thing only is for certain…a lot of people are gonna make a ton of money off of scared lunatics!

  63. Bobby

    But if the world ends in 2012, how will John Conner fight the Terminators in 2018.

    Prophecy, shmophecy. It won’t happen, so chillax and enjoy another diet coke…

  64. Kevin

    I can’t wait for this movie, i always knew there was coming a movie about 2012. we will see what happens in 2012, nothing or something.

  65. Ashanty

    Omg i’m terrified of 2012 i like reading your comments they make me feel loads better.if that pole shift thingy was to happen where would the safest place be? I’ll buy my family tickets to that place like no tomorrow!

  66. molisan tono

    release trailer 2008/11; release movie 2009/11; human f**ked up during 2 years of 2010-2011; and finally ditch the icy tsunami with horseshit dignity intag hoping 2012 wasn’t the end of time…

    Hollywood is the same crook… what truth is that? shut the hell up and stop frightening people…..

  67. Mike

    Does anyone know the release date of the new 2012 movie ??

    Thanks, hope to get a reply soon.


  68. zero

    it is said that obama is the antichrist, not to pass in 2012 has something to do it. dara walk around when the peace treaty

  69. Zoggie

    I’m not worried, the big storm from the “Day After Tomorrow” will freeze the Tsunami, and just in case it doesn’t, I’m maxing out my credit cards!

  70. EWS

    Just Another Y2K

  71. Kevin

    I love some of the comments from above—obama = antichrist, etc. First off, i would like to know and for anyone to demand a physical check up on obama to find out if he has a “666” marking. LOL! I doubt it! Obama is not God nor the antichrist, he’s a human being.

    2nd: The world is not going to end, anyone knows that except stupid people. BUT, something amazing, Negative or Positive, will result from it. I am so excited either case.

    3rd: If 2012 does come, then i am guessing powerful overdue earthquake in LA, California; another tsunami; powerful solar storm; or asteroid.

    4th—BRING IT ON!

  72. mnk

    man this is going to be fun! let me tell you people that it won’t be the end of the earth but only the end of the evil and sinful! the rest will survive and live in tranquility! and common… we all believe in evolution and fossils…. then why not accept this fact! can’t wait to watch the movie 2012, Cheers! ;-)

  73. White Devil

    Everyone puts such hope in a people (Maya) who couldn’t even figure out how to invent the wheel. These brainiacs now know the end of the world? Give me a break.

  74. Adecool

    AARGH! not ONE scene from Britain!! WHY IS IT ALWAYS AMERICA!!!
    they could have shown big ben falling down or something! gosh, is it THAT hard!

  75. Matt 4/17/97

    alright so at my elementary school my friends told my about this in 4th grade since then i have been so afraid of it like there was no way out. And about an hour ago i wast Trying to tell my mom this and i went to NASA and clicked on the video and i thought it was going to be scary but it wasn’t “FINALLY” i said in my mind I’m not afraid i can actually go to bed with out thinking about it on every December 21 the earth and the sun line up but it wont tip gosh now people are like going to go suicidal please spread the word i don’t want any one to go suicide. It’s not true!

  76. ANTEA

    We dont’ have to think that the worlds is gonna end. Everything that we have done for human society is destroying our selfs and our planet. So i think what ever change may occur during this date it will be for the best and to balance humans. We have to evolve in to a better species. It’s time to change.

  77. snow

    you guys are stupid.
    movie sounds great:)

  78. dedy

    2012… the truth of the end world? maybe yes or maybe not
    2012… still three years from now
    2012… may only be a film which is very spectacular
    2012… maybe mirror from the end of this world
    2012… can make people fear

  79. rissaa

    i think 2012 is just a thing to scare people. cause back in the 1900 or what ever time it was it was said that the world would come to an end. did it no. nobody knows when he world would come to and end. and if read captions about this movie it say “Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. A global cataclysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.” survivors?? wat survivors its just the government and movie making people to get money so don’t take this movie as the end of the world is really coming

  80. moe

    2012 is fake. the world is not ending in 2012. the world can end at any time. it could happen right now if it wanted to. that is why the world ending in 2012 is a fake. they just want to scare us. get it through your mind people. the myan people died thousands of years ago and they just guess that the world will end when ever they say so. our calender ends dec. 31 every year but do you see the world ending. so stop beliving fake things.

  81. Karla

    i do believe that something will happen in 2012..not sure what but there’s a lot of things can happen more tornadoes, tsunamis,hurricanes etc.. I don’t think the world will end completely. There are some predictions and possibilities that the world might fall in the blackhole..They don’t say it is going to happen for sure in 2012. In the year 1999 there were messages that the in the year 2000 Y2K the computers could shut down completely and have problems with the technology NO ONE SAID THAT THE WORLD WAS GOING TO END for the poeple who questioned that. Everyone believes different. But I say you do some research, read the bible Revelations, John Revelations and expect the unexpected. If i was you I would be prepared just in case… because you never know. Don’t trust a lot of people. All of you need God now before it’s to late. I’m already living for him. God bless you.

  82. renel woods

    im not gonna lie this movie is bout to be good as hell! lmao. but f**k all this hype about 2012. gods says “i will come through like a thief at night”. we F**KING DONT KNOW WHEN HE COMEs BACK! NO MAN NOR WOMAN. SO WHAT FU**ING MAKES YOU THINK THE WORLD IS ENDING IN 2012. i fear nothing but GOD & on december 21, 2012 ill be wrapping my damn gifts to give to ppl for christmas.:) haha.

  83. steven

    i believe that this movie will be a big hit…just like the movie the day after tomorrow…many of us are interested to know about the truth….we cannot judge what will happen to the future…predictions and studies comes there way how this will happen…yes…i believe that our world has an ending…but i dont think so that the year 2012 is accurate…the prophecies stated by mayan are just prophecies…and we all know that all the prophecies are just a prediction…

  84. matt

    The way I see it if or when something does happen all that matters to me is being with my kids and the bible

  85. hat cat

    i dont want it to happen

  86. n8tive3

    Man I wouldn’t believe all of this. It’ll be a so called “big” hit but it’s not really gonna happen. In the Bible it says that God can come anytime. Who says that the world is gonna end in 2012? Some ancient peoples of long ago. God made the Earth and he will destroy it when He takes His believers when He comes. He is coming sooner and sooner. Watch, they say the world is gonna end on December 21, of 2012, but it is not really gonna happen. I am a strong believer in God. I am not concerned about the world ending in 2012 because it is not gonna happen.

  87. f_e

    I watched the movie 3 times. In my book that was so good. As I’m adventures I prefer to be the member of those people who get to the ship latest .

  88. Bon

    Why can’t they make a movie with the actual end of the world with no survivors. That’s not clichĂ© and if done carefully can be good

  89. jayvee

    That is so true… this is what my ancestors meant (Maya) when they said the end of the world would come in 2012 December 21. All it is… is a dramatic change in human society… it will be the day where we will be tested on our fate and what we’ve made of our journey here on earth.It will be our transition into the 5th world… right now where in between worlds… we still haven’t found our home… alot of people are so ignorant when it comes to this date… and i hope the movie is based on what it really means and not on what people think or want it to be…