21 Jump Street Movie

21 Jump Street MovieJonah Hill, who is a fan of 21 Jump Street, has been working on a script of a movie adaptation the famous police TV series. Looks like the project is getting some traction now: Jonah Hill got some support from Columbia Pictures, and according to the rumor, Phil Lord and Chris Miller (the duo who co-directed Cloudy with A chance of Meatballs) are in negotiations to direct the film!

The original show was a real stepping stone for Johnny Depp’s career. Jonah Hill has prepared a cameo for Depp who would be interested:

I’d be really thrilled if Johnny Depp was somehow involved in this 21 Jump Street movie!

If you don’t remember, 21 Jump Street was an hour-long police drama TV series that started to aired in 1987 on the FOX Networking. Here’s the unforgettable opening of 21 Jump Street:

I’d love to see Zoe Saldana taking over the role of the woman cop (played by Holly Robinson) in the new 21 Jump Street movie!

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