2307 Winter’s Dream Movie Trailer

You may watch below the first official trailer of 2307 Winter’s Dream, the upcoming science-fiction adventure thriller movie written and directed by Joey Curtis and starring Paul Sidhu, Arielle Holmes, Anne-Solenne Hatte, Branden Coles, Kelcey Watson, Brad Potts, Timothy Lee DePriest, Fernando Argosino, Harwood Gordon, Duchess Dukes, Stormi Henley, Cecile Namer, and Derick Neikirk:

Plot synopsis:
“The year is 2307 A.D. The earth is frozen over and virtually uninhabitable. The manmade Chimeric Virus wiped out over 75% of the population. The remaining humans live underground, unable to survive the sub-arctic temperatures. With no ‘man power’, scientists bio-engineered Humanoids that possess great strength, speed, and tolerance to extreme cold. A rogue humanoid named ASH-393 escapes from captivity and threatens to lead a humanoid rebellion against mankind. Arizona Federation leader, General Trajan, sends an elite team of Spartan 7 soldiers to hunt down and terminate ASH. Decorated veteran humanoid killer, Commander Bishop, will lead the team and face his greatest foe.”

Why do they call them humanoid? They’re flesh and blood aren’t they? So they’re as human as you and me, nope?

There are also two posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


The humanoid rebellion started. Which side are you on?

The hunt is on!

And two additional pictures:

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The film has yet to get an official release date

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie 2307 Winter’s Dream!

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