2307 Winter’s Dream Movie

Take a look tot hose two new posters of 2307 Winter’s Dream, the upcoming science-fiction adventure thriller movie written and directed by Joey Curtis:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


The hunt is on.

Plot synopsis:
“The year is 2307 A.D. The earth is frozen over and virtually uninhabitable. The manmade Chimeric Virus wiped out over 75% of the population. The remaining humans live underground, unable to survive the sub-arctic temperatures. With no ‘man power’, scientists bio-engineered Humanoids that possess great strength, speed, and tolerance to extreme cold. A rogue humanoid named ASH-393 escapes from captivity and threatens to lead a humanoid rebellion against mankind. Arizona Federation leader, General Trajan, sends an elite team of Spartan 7 soldiers to hunt down and terminate ASH. Decorated veteran humanoid killer, Commander Bishop, will lead the team and face his greatest foe.”

They may call them bio-engineered humanoids but I think they’re just humans…

Here’s the movie trailer of 2307 Winter’s Dream if you haven’t seen it yet:


The cast includes Paul Sidhu, Arielle Holmes, Anne-Solenne Hatte, Branden Coles, Kelcey Watson, Brad Potts, Timothy Lee DePriest, Fernando Argosino, Harwood Gordon, Duchess Dukes, Stormi Henley, Cecile Namer, and Derick Neikirk.

No official release date yet.

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