3 Clips of Kindergarten Cop 2

We’ve got our hands on three preview clips of Kindergarten Cop 2, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Don Michael Paul and starring Dolph Lundgren, Bill Bellamy, Sarah Strange, and Aleks Paunovic:

Kindergarten Cop 2 – Snack time

Kindergarten Cop 2 – Undercover reconaissance

Kindergarten Cop 2 – That’s karma bro!
Plot synopsis:
“Dolph Lundgren and Bill Bellamy star in the hilarious next chapter of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Kindergarten Cop. To recover stolen data in a progressive school, the FBI’s toughest agent (Dolph Lundgren) must go undercover on his most difficult assignment yet: teaching a class full of liberal kindergarteners. Kindergarten Cop 2 is an action-­packed comedy the whole family will love!”

There’s also a new featurette:

Kindergarten Cop 2 – Dolph Lundgren

Would you vote for Dolph Lundgren as teacher of the year?

Release date: May 17, 2016.

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