478 Movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger – Aftermath Movie

Update – The film has been retitled Aftermath”

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted on the set of 478, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Elliott Lester based on a script by Javier Gullon :

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Plot synopsis:
“Based on the airline accident that occurred in July of 2002 and on the events that took place 478 days later.
The film follows Viktor, a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) whose wife and child are killed in a plane crash. The tragedy is the fault of an air traffic controller who is so vilified by the public that he is put into protective custody. However, Viktor cannot get over it, and is determined to seek vengeance.”

There’s no stopping Arnold, he’s the Terminator, lol!

Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, the cast also includes Kevin Zegers, Scoot McNairy, Mariana Klaveno, Larry Sullivan, Christopher Darga, and Danielle Sherrick.

There’s no official release date yet.

3 Responses - “478 Movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger – Aftermath Movie”

  1. Carol

    478 sounds like my kind of movie AND who isn’t an Arnold, the Terminator, fan? C’mon! Release it already!!!!

  2. jennifer

    i had no idea he’s still doing movies again!

  3. Patty Shay

    I’m in the movie and I can’t get a release date myself!!! I can’t wait!! It’s going to be a while. They put 478 on the back burner till a movie, “Abandoned”, came out. It’s out now so let’s get on with “478” already!
    Patty Shay