6 Clips of That Awkward Moment

Six preview clips of That Awkward Moment to get a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming comedy written and directed by Tom Gormican:

That Awkward Moment – You can’t invite a girl to a place like this.

That Awkward Moment – Ice Cream

That Awkward Moment – Viagra
“In support of a friend devastated by a recent breakup, three guys vow to maintain their single status for as long as possible. The plan gets derailed when they each fall in love and have to secretly work around their pledge to bachelorhood, while trying to figure out the complications of modern day relationships.”

To sum up: That Awkward Moment is a light and fluffy movie with a few cheap laughs and a good cast!

More clips below:

That Awkward Moment – Don’t make a scene.

That Awkward Moment – An opportunity to have some fun.

That Awkward Moment – Guys, am just in love with her.

The film is starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Addson Timlin, and Jessica Lucas.

In theaters: January 31, 2014.

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