600 Miles Movie trailer

You may watch below the official trailer of 600 Miles, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Gabriel Ripstein based on a script he co-wrote with Issa Lopez and starring starring Tim Roth and Kristyan Ferrer:


This time your allies don’t exist.

Loyalty is divided and the road is long.

Plto synopsis:
“Arnulfo Rubio (Kristyan Ferrer) smuggles weapons for a deadly Mexican cartel. ATF agent Hank Harris (Tim Roth) attempts to apprehend him, but gets kidnapped by Rubio, instead. Rubio takes him to his bosses, but during the 600-miles-long drive, they slowly befriend.”

600 Miles can boast an interesting original story, and there’s some great acting here. So you can sign me up for this film!

The release date of the movie 600 Miles is set to February 5, 2016.

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