6:66 PM Movie Trailer

6:66 PM MovieCheck out the official trailer of 6:66 PM, the latest horror comedy movie directed by Jim Klock based on a script by Tommy McLaughlin and Chad Ridgely and starring Jim Klock, Chad Ridgely, Alexis Kelley, Autumn Federici, Michael Buonomo, Robin F. Baker, Scott Burkhardt, Michael D. Moore, Bobby Liga, and Mike Capozzi:

6:66 PM
Plot synopsis:
“A team of ghost hunters gets more than they bargained for when the house they’re pretending is haunted turns out to be occupied by the evil spirit of an insane serial killer. Everything goes haywire as the demon fights to take possession of their bodies.”

There are also two film posters, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

6:66 PM

Evil has an hour to kill.

Do you root for the evil spirit or for the film crew? Why?

The film is already available on VOD.

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