A Crooked Somebody Movie Poster

Take a look to the first official poster of A Crooked Somebody, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Trevor White based on a script by Andrew Zilch :

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Better to be an honest nobody than a crooked somebody.

Plot synopsis:
“Michael Vaughn’s minister father always told him: Better to be an honest nobody than a crooked somebody. But Michael doesn’t see the harm in giving people the closure they need with the dead and travels town-to-town professing his abilities as a spirit medium. One night, Michael is kidnapped. With a knife to his throat, Michael suddenly sees the opportunity of a lifetime in his psychologically unstable captor’s desperation to make contact with the other side. Intent on saving his floundering career, Michael sets out to become a celebrity TV psychic by solving the mystery of a high-profile crime in the national spotlight.”

What are you: nobody or somebody? Honest or crooked?

The cast includes starring Rich Sommer, Clifton Collins Jr., Joanne Froggatt, Amanda Crew, Amy Madigan, and Ed Harris.

No official release date.

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