A-Team HD Trailer

The A-Team Trailer in HDThe official trailer of the A-Team is now online in HD, enjoy below:

A-team Movie Trailer

A-TEAM HD Trailer

This trailer of the A-Team is even more awesome in HD, isn’t it?

2 Responses - “A-Team HD Trailer”

  1. J Smith

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  2. Mike

    Awesome not at all! Gross!
    This is a complete disaster! Horrible cast! (I mean, I like Liam, however that’s not a role I will buy from him, not to talk about absolutely no similarities to the original cast. They could as well have an Asian play faceman or a Latino play Murdock or Hannibal)
    Who the freck had the idea to drop the original music and make it into a pseudo-classical, overly pseudo-epic filmscore and have that overly dramatic speaker?

    Even Roland Emmerich couldn’t have ruined the A-team more for me.