Affluenza Movie Clip

A preview clip of Affluenza, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by Kevin Asch, has been released online:

Affluenza – Pose
“An aspiring young photographer finds himself caught up in a heady world of money, hedonism, and privilege when he moves to wealthy Long Island in the summer of 2008.”

Do you think Nicola Peltz is beautiful?

The cast includes starring Ben Rosenfield, Gregg Sulkin, Nicola Peltz, Grant Gustin, Steve Guttenberg, and Samantha Mathis.

By the way if you’re wondering the sweet little electropop song in the background of this clip of Affluenza, it’s the song “Ce Jeu” by French band Yelle. Here’s the official music video via youtube:

“Ce Jeu” by Yelle

Release date: July 11, 2014.

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