Agent 47 Movie – The reboot of Hitman starring Paul Walker

Update – Paul Walker died. The role has been taken over by Rupert Friend (from Homeland).

Actor Paul Walker, who plays the role of Brian in the Fast and Furious franchise, is set to have the lead role in Agent 47, a reboot of Hitman, the action thriller based on the popular videogame.

Filming should start sometime this Summer in Berlin and Singapore. They’re waiting for Paul Walker to complete his global press tour for Fast and Furious 6, so they can shave his head.

No word about the plot and the director hasn’t been announced yet.

Do you agree with Fox’ decision to reboot Hitman or would you rather have a sequel to the first film? Do you think Paul Walker is fit to play the role of Agent 47? Or do you miss Timothy Olyphant? Well, share your thoughts below!

16 Responses - “Agent 47 Movie – The reboot of Hitman starring Paul Walker”

  1. Joe

    Ridiculous choice, one of the worst actors of all time…the blond Keanu Reeves!! Olyphant was no better in the role, should be someone along the lines of Aaron Eckhart…a little older and more suited to the role and can portray someone who is cold and calculated. Walker couldn’t be cold and calculated if he was doing a maths test in the Arctic.

  2. zoheb

    hitman is a good movie, and as per the trend they should make its sequel

  3. Arild

    I liked the first one, and i liked timmy. The movie had all a guy needs. Except the beer. had to get that myself.
    But i must agree that walker is not a choice i agree with, but i guess we will see.

  4. josh

    i like timothy olyphant. but he says he won’t do another one. so i understand the reboot to introduce the next actor, especially if they plan to continue the series. as for this new guy, it remains to be seen if he can cut it in the roll of 47

  5. dean nielsen

    Timothy was fantastic. He always is – from his hilarious and cynical performance in “Go” to Agent 47 in “Hitman.” I have no idea why he has decided against doing a sequel. Although his range is not that of Matt Damon, Olyphant did a find job in a roll that has been a video game for crying out loud. Imagine what he could do with a real writer and a real director. Video games will never make great movies – but Olyphant did the role as good as any action star could have considering the material. This new guy? Talk about videos. If this “reboot” as it is being called – actually moves forward? It will go straight to video; who wants to watch this on the big screen? Not gonna’ happen.


  6. Constant

    Of course it should be a sequel with Timothy Olyphant. He did the first Hitman very well. It’s by opinion but you don’t make a good movie like Hitman and try to make someone else agent 47, it just doesn’t go well. Making a whole other movie is like starting from scratch, they really need to continue from where they left off. Especially since he ended up escaping in the end. Everyone whines about the story but it’s about his smarts and tactics. Everything he does is planned entirely and he pulls it off with perfection, not to mention he’s known as the best in the Agency. Definitely sequel with the actor that played the role very well, Timothy Olyphant.

  7. Constant

    This new guy just doesn’t have the face for Agent 47 like Timothy Olyphant. To put Timothy next to the character made in the video game, there is a nice similar look. However, putting this new guy there :/ it doesn’t look good. If I were picking the actor i’d do whatever it took to get Timothy to do the role.

  8. What?

    Lol no no no and no. As a fan of the game Paul and Tim are horrible options. The first movie was a huge bomb in the sense that it was horrible and had no ties with the games. it is after all a movie based game and I can understand some changes but when the character himself changes, that’s where the line is crossed. Aaron Eckhart is a great choice. Too bad the directors have no means to make sequels after this and are just after the money after the recently release hitman game did so well, they see it as a money movie.

  9. MOVIE

    Damn why not JASON STATHAM ?


    what the hell is wrong with timmy.he did a great job … he is looking very similar to real one in game!!

  11. Michael

    Jason Statham is perfect a lot of people thought transporter was a hitman type movie

  12. Ben

    I read on wiki that olyphant only did hitman to pay the bills. So he’s dead to me. Walker has played the same guy 6 times and I’m yet to see him in something else, but I’ll hold off judgement for now. Innocent until proven guilty right?
    Hitman is one of my favourite games. Great story, which they ignored in the original film. If they actually base it on the story, I’ll be happy.
    Also Statham would’ve been great but too obvious. Surely he’s sick of shooting people by now? What about Tom Hardy? Or even Fassbender. They would have been soooo much better

  13. frank

    JASON STATHAM is the perfect actor to play Agent 47.

    thats all i have to say.

  14. Deano

    I honestly think it is a great idea to reboot the movie. As for the choice of actor, I can honestly say it is enough to make me (a huge fan of the Hitman game series) completely ignore the film. Paul Walker is a disaster. Timothy Olyphant was also a terrible choice dispite being a pretty good actor. I honestly think the only way this part can be pulled off is by using an actor who has no real credentials. Any actor with a prominent and well known face can never prevail as agent 47. It just can’t work. Paul Walker has absolutely no right to even pretend to be Agent 47.

  15. ahsan

    i think timothy should be in the next hitman movie because he look a lot more to the hitman in the game as agent 47

  16. Kyle

    I think they should make some movies with the same missions as in the games.