Agora Movie Trailer

Director Alejandro Amenabar is bringing us an historical drama movie that revolves around astrologer-philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria (Rachel Weisz) and her relationship with her slave Davus (Max Minghella). Here below the first movie trailer of Agora thanks to Slashfilm:

Agora Official Trailer


Alexandria, Egypt

391 Anno Domini

The world is going to change forever.

For a woman Hypatia was benefiting from an incredible freedom in this ancient time, though this was played against her at the end… We could say that she was an early feminist, a courageous and intelligent woman whose life was defying the prejudices of her time!

Director Amenabar went to the Island of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea to film Agora. Huge sets were built for the occasion. So well built, that we will feel like transported back to Antic Egypt!

5 Responses - “Agora Movie Trailer”

  1. Jane Raeburn

    Hypatia was an astronomer, not an astrologer.

  2. Aldora

    I think this will be an interesting movie. Should show how nice those Christian Monks were… makes me sick. Hypatia was an amazing woman, and her death was terrible. I hope people learn how acceptance of religion and thought is important.

  3. Epicurios Apollo

    Hypatia was the Last Ancient Greek Philosopher and mathematical.

    Killed by the Christians. I hope these movies will tell all the truth.

  4. diminimalist

    The philosopher and mathematic Hypatia, was also big form of her season with her wild murder from the patriarch of Alexandria Cyrille, became the hero of later antiquity. For this murder, the christian church still has not apologized from the humanity!
    The murder of Hypatia is completely confirmed and is not suseptible of no contestation. Hopes also Amenabar it respects completely the historical sources, even if already it has fallen in the first historical inaccuracy, placing her death 25 years before!