Alice in Wonderland 2 Release date

Disney officially announced a release date for Alice in Wonderland 2: the film will hit theaters on May 17, 2016. Unfortunately Tim Burtron isn’t returning to helm the sequel… Director James Bobin (who helmed The Muppets) is indeed taking over the director’s seat for the sequel. The film will be based on a script by Linda Woolverton who also wrote the screenplay of the first film.

Actress Mia Wasikowska and Actor Johnny Depp are set to return as Alice and the Mad Hatter respectively.

Here’s the trailer of the first film:

Official trailer of Alice in Wonderland

Who’s going to be Alice’s foe in Wonderland this time around? Do you think Director James Bobin’s take on Alice in Wonderland will be as marvelous as Tim Burton’s?

Release date: May 17, 2016.

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